I Want More People to Give Their Heart to Jesus

I’ve written 6 books now, and in every book, I’ve hoped for someone to read it and get saved. To date, I’m not sure if that’s ever happened.


I asked Jesus into my heart when I was a young girl, and it was for real. I loved Him deep my whole life, though I had my fair share of running away. But I innately knew even then He was everything, and I always wanted people to know Him like I did.

When I was a teenager, my youth group took a trip to Canada, and there I had my first experiences with leading people to the Lord. It was a beautiful, holy experience, I’ll tell you, albeit a bit over the top. God bless my youth pastor who had to quietly take me aside to discourage my exuberant, “I got another one!” as I walked wide grinning with new converts towards our group across freshly mowed lawns of homes as we went door to door witnessing. Turns out, my Jesus passion translated a bit cultish. (Turns out, I was so excited I barely cared. :)

When I started writing 5 Word Prayers it was clear to me that this being a devotional book, some would give it to friends as a gift and those friends might not know Jesus. And if they didn’t know Jesus, they wouldn’t understand all the Christian words.

I mourn this, but sometimes as a writer sitting behind a screen spending so much time exhorting my own, I forgo opportunities to tell non-believers living all around me about Jesus. If I’m being completely honest, I think the Church in general is forgetting a lot about this Gospel call these days, self-focused as we are and afraid to speak anything with too much Jesus.

So I decided to do something in 5 Word Prayers I’ve never done before in any of my books: I included in the back the prayer of salvation. It is, by far, the most important prayer in this book. For 11 pages I thoroughly explain, define and lead the reader through a decision to follow Christ and then the next steps to take in the aftermath. I truly believe: they are the most important words I’ve ever written in my life.

I am asking Jesus that people will accept Him as their Savior through these words. I would love it if you would join me. My heart can barely contain the joy at the thought.

And because I believe so strongly in discipleship, my team has created a place online at fivewordprayers.com for those who do pray this prayer of salvation to click “Yes, I prayed the prayer” where they will be sent some links to free resources to help them grow in their newfound faith. (It tells them exactly where to go to find this online, in the book.)

I just want more people to give their heart to Jesus.

I’m believing through this book and your prayers, they will.

Lord, let it be.



If You’re Crazy Discouraged in Your Prayer Life

The best books I’ve ever read were not written from experts with cardboard words, telling me to try it their way… (Though some of those have sold millions.)

…but the ones written by heart bearers with scarred knees, coming from the place of me, too, and here’s what from the ground I’ve learned.

 From the ground looking up, we are redeemed from our ignorance. Where we used to sit from high pedestals and preach lofty words, now we sit among beggars and beg loudest of all. And we become the loveliest, most trustworthy people.

I never felt lofty in my prayer life, by the way, completely the opposite. All I’ve ever known is praying words that felt true, but sometimes they didn’t feel like enough. I marveled at the really good pray-ers, the ones who seemed to get it right all the time, pray perfect for 8 straight hours, have the prayers answered because they followed some kind of formula I wasn’t on to.

I’ve been praying since I can remember talking. But I’ve always wanted to pray better.

So you can imagine what it feels like when I get a book on prayer a few years ago, a really popular one everyone is raving about, ready to school myself in the fine art of communicating with God. I sit, pen in hand, poised and ready. 56 pages in, I shut the book and never open it, again.

Overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated, to name a few. I can’t follow this extensive list of to-do. I’m a hair-on-fire, juggling 10 things every hour, woman with more jobs than I need and less time than I have and this prayer book isn’t helping me want to pray more, it’s making me feel like I want to go to bed and sleep it all away.

It is exactly there, in my bed, that God meets me. I’m not counting, but it’s the first time I remember ever praying a 5-word prayer: I love you, Jesus. Help.

It’s no strategy, I can tell you. I’ve honestly just got nothing else.

And there I feel the precious spirit of God, meeting me right where I am, small and simple and unformulized as me and my prayer may be.

I uncover this, personal and anew:

Prayer is not about word count; it’s about heart intent.

The truth is, sometimes life leaves us speechless. In those moments, God hears the groanings of our heart.

So I don’t make this blog too long or redundant what I’ve already written in another place…the rest of the important things God showed me about prayer are in the intro of the devotional book, which I hope you will take the time to read, because they have profoundly changed me. It’s free for you, today, if you are interested. Just click HERE.

You should know: my scarred knees are not from being the perfect, fervent prayer warrior, on them all the time: long sigh, full disclosure, sometimes I still wish.

But they are from the ground having fallen more times than can be counted from an imperfect life, including an imperfect prayer life, not always consistent, not knowing right words or any words for that matter, when life has done a number on me and left me quite speechless.

It’s the place from where I write this devotional book. I hope you won’t mind.

I love you.

I love Jesus most.

Always His,



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Prayer Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

Do you find yourself frustrated in your communication with God? Does a thriving prayer life feel completely out of reach?

The strength of your prayers lies in your heart intent, not your word count. Discover a new joy in your conversations with God!

A 5 Word Prayer For Parents As The Kids Go Back to School

There they go again, or for the first time, or for the last. Maybe it gets easier but I’m 15 years in since my first son went to pre-school, and I still find it awkward that they go off and leave me here to my silence.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice. I can work, again, and people who work from home know: come August, we need the house to be quiet so we can get some blessed things done.

I have felt the euphoria of school starting back and felt the pain of it, too, because of the dumb growing up thing. I’ve sent the bedhead boy to kindergarten with the shirt tucked neatly into the crisp khakis because I dressed him…and sent him to college in boxes without a first day picture because I wasn’t there to take it, or else I still would.

I watch my friends go to the lake and jump in and post pictures to celebrate that first day of kids going off to school so they have their me-time back and hear others lament that their babies are gone so please somebody pass the tissues.

It’s all awesome and hard and weird and natural and the usual parenting drill we know full well but will never fully become used to.

All of us want to parent well. None of us are ever convinced we do. Maybe that’s why those precious few moments we actually feel we’ve done it right we want to document on Instagram because, yeah, it feels good to be proud of a few things now and again.

So for my parents who are sending the kid(s) off for the first time (including my homeschooling warriors who do it all from home)…and the ones who this is your last…and the ones who are at the there they go, again, stage of somewhere in between…I feel you all and offer this 5 word prayer for us:

God, help us parent well.

…when the days feel long and we want to hide or pull our hair out or react poorly in a way that will require a huge I’m sorry later.

…when the days are short and we are extra clingy to a child who shouldn’t have a job of nurturing us when that is a job You ask us to turn to You to do.

…when the grades don’t rise to our expectation, our child gets cut from the team or comes home from school with tears and asks us to tell them something to ease their heart when a mean kid has said something cruel.

…when we want to give up and throw in the towel…when we are frustrated and spent, ourselves…when we face the unknowns that are ahead that only You know right now that we will desperately need Your strength to endure.

…when the world preaches and shoves and tries to sway and we must fight with everything we have to raise warriors grounded in the Word of God.

…when we don’t know how to parent at all. We need you, God. Parent us so we can parent them.

Help me parent well as the kids go back to school this year, Father. I will need it this year.

And help my friends parent well, too.

We trust You. We love You. This school year is Yours.



So. I have something SUPER EXCITING to tell you. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about it for awhile but it hasn’t been the right time. But THIS FRIDAY, September 1, I will be talking about it in a personal email and on all my social media sites. So make sure you are signed up for my email updates HERE or connected with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If you loved this simple, yet meaningful 5 word prayer, today…and if, like me, life often leaves you speechless and you don’t always know what to say to start a dialogue with God…it is something you won’t want to miss.

p.s. I love you. I love Jesus most. See you Friday.