Focus on the Now Not the Next

IMG_3532I saw it just today: an author, whose first book is so brand new it has barely had time to prop its feet up on the bookstores shelves, talking about the next book, almost completed.

And I know. I get it. The publishing industry, like all others and like life, too, is always in a hurry for a great sequel and follow up.

But there’s this thing that I think has happened to us in the process of constantly looking for our next, rushing into it: we barely glance at the now because our eyes are focused elsewhere. We by-pass. We hurry. We don’t savor.  And we miss things, right in our hands. Good things.

People ask my son, who’s an almost senior in high school, what’s next for him. And I watch him, eyes scared and narrow, grasping for an answer in a moment he doesn’t have one, because he’s barely 17. And I know what he wants to say if we hadn’t taught him to be polite, about how he just wants to listen to his music and drive his car to his friends house where they will laugh over crazy guy things and talk about whose bracket looks the worst…how it’s too much to think about growing up and what’s next and he wants to stay in the now a little longer, and how he’s tired of that question.

Please. It’s not the looking at the future that’s wrong. It’s the pressure to be in the next moment, the stress of it, the feeling of non-achievement when that next is unknown at this moment and the now somehow doesn’t seem good enough.

God says, today. Just today. Make your plans, but live in TODAY.

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. (Matthew 6:34)

Not what can we do next, but what can we do now?

There’s a lot…enough…right in front of us.

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