5 Days of Book Give-aways – Day 2: Not Marked

not-markedThis is a book I could never write, because gratefully, sexual abuse has not been my experience. But it is a book that is vitally important because sadly, it is the experience of many.

And my brave friend, Mary DeMuth, did write it. Because she was tired of what her history with sexual abuse took from her. And she was tired of seeing other people lose large chunks of their life because of the personal aftermath of someone else’s evil decision. And she wanted the 6 out of 10 women and 4 out of 10 men who have suffered from this to know they are not marked, they have never been marked, they will never be marked except by their beloved Creator, God.

The only mark that remains is the mark of Jesus’ great affection for us. Live and breathe there. ~Mary DeMuth

Mary wrote Not Marked to let you who have lived this injustice know you aren’t alone and to cheer you towards a new life. I find this a most awesome thought.

If you’re a survivor of sexual abuse or know someone who is, this is your book.

Leave me a comment with a favorite overcoming phrase, verse or even just a “yes, I want this book!” and you’ll be entered to win.

And don’t forget to share this #5daysofbookgiveaways in your social media circles!

Winner announced Monday, December 8.


*Come back tomorrow for my Day 3 pick…Hint: it’s a book that taught me something I’ve been trying to figure out about myself for at least 20 years.

**Bonus: I’m including a video of Mary and her husband, Patrick, speaking on Not Marked. And SO COOL: In December, Mary is gifting a case of books ($800 value) to any ministries dealing with sexual abuse (halfway houses, prisons, trafficking ministry). All that is required is $50 to cover the shipping and handling. Email Mary at mary@marydemuth.com if you want to gift a case to a ministry. What an amazing offer!

Not Marked book website: CLICK HERE.

Mary’s website: CLICK HERE.

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