Just Wear the Stained T-Shirt to the Party

photoThere is this point, when the process of trying to fix ourselves has to stop.

This constant hamster wheel living wears on us: thinking about the things we do wrong, lamenting our life, believing there is one more conference we can attend, one more thing we can attempt, some holy grail of wellness we haven’t tried that for once and for all will make us better.

Meanwhile, we slip deeper into a self-fixation that drives the thing we fear but create: uselessness.

If I may, this suggestion?

Let’s stop trying to fix ourselves and just get on with life.

Let’s do it with a limp.  Let’s keep praying to get better but keep going when we don’t see instant results.  Let’s wear the stained t-shirt to the party without having to change first so people know we spill stuff on ourselves, too.

The world doesn’t need us to be experts.  That’s our own wish, our own hope, our own struggle to be somebody.

The world needs us to be human, be honest about it, and just keep going.

And yes, let’s go to counseling and hash things out and let the counselor ask smart, stunning questions so we can dive deep and get to the core.  Yes, let’s do that.

But after the sessions are long over and life settles back in and we find we are still human and even good questions did not change that, let’s lift our chin, put one foot in front of the other and press on.

photoGod wants to use our life.  We don’t have time to argue about how stained we are before we live that reality.

 *Question: What keeps you from serving God with your “limp,” whatever that may be?


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