Your Life Still Counts (giving away a FREE BOOK!)

BookCover_YLSCI like Tracie Miles.

This is important. Because when I like someone, I am more likely to listen to his or her words (Come on. Judge me. It’s human nature, people. :)

But besides being a generally kind, wonderful person who loves God, (and yes, she’s a family girl and an author and speaker, too) there is something else.

I like Tracie Miles’ message. I like the fact that she tells people, even in the title of her new book, Your Life Still Counts. Because it does. It really does.

And I, like you, know people who think for them life is over. They feel used up, unworthy, disqualified, too old, or off God’s mind.

Or maybe, it’s you who thinks that about you.

It’s not true.

I could try to prove this to you by telling you stories about people who did amazing things with their life despite horrible, mistake-ridden pasts, physical handicaps, bodies and minds well beyond the age of youth, odds stacked against them. There are lots of those stories, and they are true. But you’ve probably heard the stories or know one, yourself.

All I can really tell you is this: if you are alive and breathing, your life still counts. Period. There’s nothing else you need to know.

And even when you are gone, if you believe this truth and live it now, your life will count, even then.

My friend, Tracie Miles, has dedicated a whole book to this truth. I’m honored to feature her book on my site, today, because I like her and I like her message and even more, I like that life still counts for us all.

I’m sharing a small taste of the goodness of this book, below, in the form of an excerpt.

And because I really want you to know your life still counts, I’m giving away ONE FREE COPY plus a downloadable study guide!

So leave me a comment and say yes, I need to remember that my life still counts…and I’ll send you an email to let you know if you win.

Regardless, go get this book.

*Excerpt from Your Life Still Counts by Tracie Miles: Miles2

So as the speaker closed in prayer, extending an invitation to come to the altar, I wept silently but fervently in the privacy and safety of my pew. I desperately hoped all eyes were closed so my tears and brokenness would not be evident. But suddenly I became acutely aware of the presence of God right next to me and immediately realized nobody else even mattered in that moment.

My eyes were closed, but I sensed His eyes were wide open and focused directly on me. Part of me felt afraid and confused, wishing I could crawl and hide under the wooden pew. Yet a bigger part of me felt a peace I could not explain and had never experienced, as if it were so thick in the air that my nostrils breathed in nothing but holy serenity. I felt like I could stand and fly in the lightness and freedom of a prisoner set free.

Joy became a lump in my throat and I could hardly swallow. Friend, it was a feeling like no other.

Amid the flood of hot tears that burned in my swollen, tightly shut eyes, I pleaded with God for His forgiveness. I meekly, humbly, and reluctantly dared to ask God, once again, the prayers I had uttered so many times, yet never believed would be answered. “Could you . . . would you . . . possibly . . . forgive me, Lord? Really?” “If you could forgive this speaker, this ordinary woman, for her sin, could you maybe, just maybe, forgive me too?” “If you can still love her, can you love me too?” 

“Will you love me, God?”

I felt like a little girl sitting at her daddy’s feet, asking for forgiveness for not listening to his words of instruction, and longing for him to scoop her up and shower her with kisses, hugs, and reassurances of his love. My heart was gaping wide, like a crack in the earth that had violently burst open after a powerful earthquake shook the planet to its core. I waited, anxious for God to pour himself into my heart and fill me with all the things I never thought I deserved to ask for, much less receive. My mouth felt parched and dry as my physical and spiritual thirst to meet Him became unquenchable.

Slumped in the pew, hiding from the world, tears flowing like a river, and body gently trembling . . . God touched me. I felt His presence. I knew He was there. I asked for His merciful forgiveness over and over, so many times God was probably wondering if I was a broken record instead of a broken soul. I had asked God for forgiveness for fourteen years, never feeling worthy of it and never expecting Him to actually grant it. But this time, in this place, in this moment—something was different. This time, with God’s power and mercy overwhelming my heart, I actually believed God forgave me. I believed He had heard my pleas filled with sorrow and remorse for what I had done.


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