The Only Way to Get Better

I spend the first three months after my last book {w}hole releases, picking emotional shrapnel out of my skin. It is a hard book to write; I honestly do not know if I ever want to write again.

When something is hard it is an instinct to get lost in the tall-tree forest of the daily – to hide behind carpool lines, grocery store visits, texts, smart phone games, and washing dirty laundry.  We settle into predictability, like standing trunks that don’t change. The days we live look exactly like they did many days before.

But then I remember what living in the tall trees before has helped me learn: The only way I know to get better is to focus on God harder.

So I come out of hiding and write [I Want God.]  

– Excerpted from the Intro of I Want God.


We try, and try, and try to fix ourselves.

In some ways, we can’t help it: it is the human instinct to be better, which is good when we are trying to be better about our drinking too much, our not telling the truth, our making food our healer, our need to spend more quality time with the family.

And it is a God call, too…that we don’t stay stuck in an unhealthy place when our life was meant to thrive.  One of the most remarkable things about Him, in fact: He’s the only One I know who can remain gracious and loving 24-7 while holding us to a standard of better.

But we can’t find our better in 3 easy steps.  We can find nuggets in those steps that stick with us and ring out in our brain that help us remember important things we are working toward.  But no step ever really changes us.  It can only help ready us to change.

I should know.

I have tried the 3 easy steps, tried to reason and deflect and seek out shiny things that for a moment made me feel better. I have cried and pushed my fists into the floor and even though I’m not a thrower, thrown a houseshoe one time (which felt awesome, by the way.)

I have lived in denial.  I have escaped into the tall-trees and tried to get lost.  I have wanted, and tried at least in my heart, to quit.

But none of it has worked, long term.  Not one thing.

And so, the reality that I have learned is simply this: the only way I know to get better is to focus on God harder.

It is the only thing for me that has worked.  I boldly suggest: it is the only thing for you that will work, too.

Focusing on God harder: more Bible, more prayer, more relationship with God which then equals more love, more passion, more hope, more joy, more fulfillment, more…much more…chains breaking and spirits lifting and getting better.

photoSo when you have tried all the other things, remember this very simple equation to become the better that you want.

Focus on God harder.

*Question: What do you think of this idea that the only way to get better is to focus on God harder?

*Focusing on God harder is what I Want God is all about. To find out more/pre-order a copy of I Want God, CLICK HERE.


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