For You Who is Hurting at Christmas

IMG_1625I can picture you – the one who wants to love the tree and presents and lights and does, in your own, way, despite that thing.

But your heart hurts and you can’t pretend it doesn’t, because pretending doesn’t make the heart hurt any less but just makes it hurt in silence.

The holidays are supposed to be fun and bright, but merry feels a million good things away and you’re convinced it’s a word for those people who haven’t known the hard thing like you.

This season, and always: take the hard thing to Jesus.

I know this sounds small to a hurt the size of Texas. I know it sounds simple when the hard thing has made every normal thing complex.

But hard things are ultimately heart things and

heart things belong only in the hands of its specialist.

My friend, take the heart thing to Jesus.

You who have lost the job or the spouse or the house or the parent or God forbid, the child.

You who knows too much now about what real suffering is – the kind that affects your body that people always fear but never really think will be their reality.

You who can’t get past the past or can’t get over the funk or can’t find the money or the hope or the joy, anymore.

You who has been hurt by the church or doesn’t trust community or reached out only to have your outstretched hand pushed away.

You who used to have all the kids at home and doesn’t now and that feels like a loss you can’t put into very good words because it sounds wrong to want kids to go back to being small when they are good and grown.

You who misses someone. You who has forgotten God. You who feels like He’s forgotten you.

Take Him your heart thing.


*I wrote this post after seeing so many hurting people sharing about hard things on Facebook. In this season which is fun and festive for so many, it is also difficult and painful for others. Let’s keep that in mind as we share our joys and celebrations! (And maybe…pass this post on to hurting people you know?)

**If this post describes you or someone you are burdened for, leave me a comment with a first name, only, and if you wish, a specific concern, and I would be honored to PRAY FOR YOU.

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