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IMG_0139I honestly don’t even know how to write this post.

My heart is so tender; my life is so changed. So maybe all I can do is ramble.

I Want God, my 4th book, releases today, and all I can say is that I have never been so excited, so passionate, so ready, and so fearless about words in all of my life.

This book has messed me up in the best of ways, helped break long held chains of chasing the approval of people.

It has settled me, in a way this creative, over-thinking, life-wrestler has never before known.

I read chapter one and it still convicts me down to my toes.

I use it as a guidebook, when I am off track and drift from God, cry in its pages, grapple with my flesh as it rises up to convince me to stay safe and status quo.

I Want God reminds me that I must choose, every day, between the things of this world and the things of eternity.

It reminds me of how nothing else I ever chase will be enough. Nothing.

It reminds me to moan in my gut over God, every single day.

And it makes me want Him more than anything else.

Today, my friends, I stand in deep gratitude and the authority of God that He will use this book, I Want God, to change lives for Him.

And all I can say is:

Thank you, God.

Thank you for changing me through the writing of this book.

Thank you for taking things from me I don’t need.

Thank you for starting something in me that cannot be quenched.

Thank you for every single reader who will take the time to read this book and let You mess with them in the way their heart longs for that is long overdue.

Change good church people and people who think they don’t need God and everyone in between.

Amen and amen. God, let it be.


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“I turned the first page, devoured the rest and here I am… speechless. The reading of I Want God is a wrecking and a revival and a resurrection, all at once.”

– Jill KellyNY Times BestSelling Author and Speaker

“This is not an easy read, and that is the highest compliment I can pay Lisa in her carefully penned but drastically bold work I Want God. If you feel like you have everything and at the same time you have nothing…read this book. It is a proclamation, a manifesto, and a rally-cry for those of us who are weary and hungry. Be warned: saying ‘I Want God’ will require much of you. In return God will bring a revival to your heart and an abundance of Himself to the empty spaces around you. He will bring healing and hope.”

– Anne Marie Miller, Bible teacher and Author of Permission to Speak Freely and Lean on Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable and Consistent Community

“This book resonates with the deepest cry of my heart.”

– Sheila Walsh, Bible teacher and Best-Selling Author

“Lisa’s case for a heart revival provokes thought, inspires change, and spreads a hopeful message: God is not hiding; he wants to be found by those who want him. Lisa vulnerably guides the reader toward this truth, which fosters a deeper love of God, a more intimate knowledge of who he is, and an understanding of why we want him.”

– Mark BattersonNY Times Best-Selling Author and Pastor

“Lisa Whittle’s writing strikes to the center of who we are meant to be. I am inspired and moved and deeply grateful for how she pours her heart out on every page.”

– Annie F. Downs, Author of Let’s All Be Brave

“I Want God not only provides new life for your weary, worn out soul, but it motivates you to exchange a lesser life for one that hungers after true joy. Written by a flawed and honest pilgrim, Lisa Whittle has walked this path toward soul revival before, and like a kindly guide, ushers us toward the renewed life in Jesus we’ve always longed for.”

– Mary DeMuth, Author of The Wall Around Your Heart: How Jesus Heals Us When Others Hurt Us


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