When We Run Away from God

designI have a friend who is running away from God.

Judge if we may, but we do it, too.

He asks us to do something, we get scared and stay busy with other things.

Some Jesus follower hurts us and we decide God can’t be trusted, either.

The noise of the world gets to us and convinces us the other way is easier and better.

Thank God His patience is not exhaustible, for all of us would have surely run out of His good graces by now.

But as my friend struggles to find her place with God, and as I consider words to say to help her, what I have been thinking about lately is simply this:

We all have to be tamed of something.

We don’t like this.  We like the idea of spirited horses running wild and free and people, too, and we think it is the being untamed part that causes that to happen.

But the truth is, the more God tames us the more we live in the wild and free.

We all have to lose our will at some point.  We all have to trust more than we doubt.

We all have to find faith that doesn’t come easy and sometimes appears to be hiding in that spot we can’t quickly find.

photoIt is real life, that we are wild and out of control in and of ourselves and we must stop running away thinking that is the answer to the screaming within our chest for independence and purpose.

Those things are only found in God.  We can run, far and fast, but it won’t change.

We will have just run our guts out and wound up exhausted.


*Think about this: What have you found to be true about running away from God? Are you currently running?

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