How I Want God Changed My Life

IMG_0507I’ll be honest: I don’t like second hand information.

I don’t want my waiter at a restaurant to suggest a dish they haven’t tried…hear what the Grand Canyon looks like at sunset from a person who has only themselves seen it in pictures.

I want to hear about loss from a person who has lost.

I want to know about victory from someone who has been victorious.

So when I tell you I Want God has changed my life, I mean it, or I would never make that claim.

The truth is, the list is long of how it has changed my life – too long for a blog post.  But here’s what I can tell you: the process first began in me.  My heart cried, and God gave me language for it.  The language became words on paper that ended up a book that as readers have told me, is their heart cry, too.

It showed me how much comfort has cost me in my life, through the years.  How I will need to be sickened by that reality, the things it has taken away, before I will ever hate it enough to finally let it go.

It convinced me that being on a spiritual roller coaster is no way to live and that it’s possible to live another way – really possible, and not just hype that sells books and sounds good.

So many things.

Chapter one, that still puts me on my face.

Mourning it when it the writing is over because I want God to keep talking to me, changing my insides.

That it’s become a treasured resource – something I have opened on more than one occasion to help me understand what is in my way when I am not desiring God.

That after writing it, something inside me shifted in the area of popularity and my desire to please other people.  I didn’t stop caring.  I stopped chasing, and it set me free.

That it settled my insides.  It changed the way I see revival and made me know and believe it can start inside of me.  (p.s. It has.)

And so, with my whole heart I offer you firsthand information about I Want God.  Because as the author, I think you need to know how it’s first changed me.

It is my strongest belief, prayer and hope that it will do the same for you.

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