IAM Sure #preptalk (video message)

FullSizeRenderI’ve been to Embrace Church in Sioux Falls, SD, 3 times over the years to speak on a Sunday. They keep asking, and I keep accepting. I’m so fond of them, they may be the only church that could get me to miss July 4 weekend with my family.

The pastor, Adam Weber, is a favorite of mine. Genuine, loving, and a man of prayer. He’s one to watch.

The people are gracious, like, super.

This time, 7/5/2015, I had a brand new message…one I had never shared before. It was about being sure. And prepared for storms/things that come up in the world/our life rather than freaking out about them (because, I’ve noticed, we do). I even threw in a crazy boating-in-a-storm story and the hashtag preptalk for good measure. (Honestly. I admit. I am hashtag crazy.)

It’s a 25 minute message, which is short in preacher terms. While you’re having your sandwich over lunch someday, I’d love for you to watch it.

Here are a few things you can expect to hear about, when you do:

~Some really good news for believers. (you can use some, yes? Hint: we have a pass on panic.)

~Why I’m excited about the state of the world. (yep, you read that right.)

~What I believe is the biggest problem in the Church. (you may not guess it.)

~The 3 best words I know for how to be able to say with confidence, though I may not know this particular storm, I know the vehicle to survive. I AM Sure. (Notice the I AM. Also, you have to watch to find out the 3 best words. I know. Bribery.)

Thanks for listening, people.

p.s: I love you.

p.s 2: This is the 11:15 service, which was the 3rd service of the morning. Let me say that again. THE 3RD SERVICE OF THE MORNING. So please excuse the voice that is about to go out and the brain fry, should you see evidence of both or either. (hashtag grace)

p.s.3: I’d love to come share this message or the message of I Want God with your church, group, people. Super limited the rest of 2015 and early 2016, but email, anyway. Request, anyway. Let’s just see what happens. (booklisawhittle@gmail.com)

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