Starting a New Conversation in Your Life

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IMG_1085Maybe you’re like me. At a certain point, you want to change the conversation.

And it’s not just at that dinner party where it’s gotten awkward and someone brought up something that makes you want to suddenly choke on an olive and need to leave the room.

It’s in the everyday routine of life, where you feel like your life has hit the one note stage and you find yourself talking about the same thing you talked about yesterday and the day before and the one before that and so many times you’ve lost count.

Conversations like this:

I’m struggling. I’m a hot mess.

I can’t get past this.

I want God to use me but I don’t know if He will.

My faith is so off and on, and I’m tired of being on the spiritual roller coaster.

I must be honest: so many of the conversations I see and hear and am involved in revolve around some type of angst or problem we can’t cure or frustration we feel. Community is a wonderful place to talk through such things and find relief in the fact that we are not, ever, alone in our situation.

But at a certain point, if our lives are to be about growth and moving forward, shouldn’t we be having a different conversation?

It starts in our personal life first, where we determine we want more for our life than the constant background noise of a broken record – that we are sick of what our insecurity and baggage and self-focus has cost us and determine it won’t take from us one minute longer.

We must want to get better and not take the junk back. We must decide that saying “I’m still working on it” doesn’t feel as good as being able to say “I got over myself and went out with my limp and all and mostly just Jesus, and influenced the world.”

All it takes to embrace a new conversation in your life is want one so much you are willing to let the old conversation go.

Today’s a good day to start.


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