“We don’t need spiritual decorations;
we need spiritual declarations over our life.”

Put Your Warrior Boots On
Chapter 1, I Am Able

People are starting to read this book, Put Your Warrior Boots On, and saying how it’s impacting them, infusing strength inside, and all I can do is just offer the praise back to God because this was the intention.

I didn’t write a book to tell us all the placating, pretty things. There are plenty of other books for that. I wrote this book to help us, really help us. I am in this life for lasting impact, so may my writing always stay consistent with that life quest.

Stay with me…I’m getting somewhere with this, but I must ask you a question because trust me, I like pretty.

Did I ever tell you that at one time I wanted to be an interior decorator? I did, and I have the brochures from the Art Institute of Charlotte to prove it. Before God decided different, I wanted to design pretty spaces for people to look it, since creating and art and beauty are favorites of mine.

Which brings me to my point.

Today I get to combine my past and my present in one beautiful thing.

I get to offer you something pretty to hang in your house with powerful words that change the atmosphere of the room, and most importantly the heart.

All 8 declarations from Put Your Warrior Boots On in one gorgeous limited edition art piece from the amazing and powerful House of Belonging.



Pretty + Truth-filled = powerful combination.

Available soon at TheHouseofBelonging.com!


YOU can win one for YOUR HOME just like I have in mine. I’m doing a giveaway* on Instagram now through May 25 at 7pm ET. The winner will be announced via my insta-story at 8pm.

All of the instructions will be in my instagram post. Click here to get started. OR follow me on Instagram – @lisawhittle

*No purchase necessary to enter giveaway. See instagram post for specific details.


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You Can Be a Spiritual Warrior

Does it feel like the world has gone crazy and you’re just along for the ride?

From bombings to bullying, the world has us on pins and needles—afraid for our children, fearful for ourselves, worried that we won’t have enough strength to stand our ground. But you don’t have to start brave to stay strong.