Keep Some Things Sacred

I want to take a picture of them, if only 3 backs, to capture this moment. 

My children, wearing God’s hands, serving strangers.  Their smiles that reflect a contented heart.  Their words whispered in low tones when they pass me on the way to get more food on plates to sit in front of hungry kids: I like this.

But the sacred of the moment keeps me from it and I know: the picture will make it cheap.

It is the truth about sacred things: they become tarnished when relegated to a performance.

But oh, I am proud: that for a brief pause in time the entitlement I war with that threatens my kids doesn’t win and I, who often messes up, led them into something right. And yes, I want to share it.

And if I’m being brutally honest on that level in which it aches, I will admit that we who are used to the world being one big performance stage find ourselves in the pull of snap shooting our life in the midst of our best act so that people will love us, think us special, admire our life…and sometimes the pull wins.

Writhe at this if we will, we need only weigh how much of our life we spend lived in look at me, acknowledge me, see me mode to find its truth.

For in our quest to be acknowledged, we have let some of the sacred go.

Forgetting…that all marriage issues shouldn’t be shared, all friendship conflicts shouldn’t be made public, all the things we do for God, with God, about God shouldn’t be eligible for human consumption.

And God help us if we don’t remember this and instead, live our life through computer screens more than the one in front of us.

And God help us if we don’t see how the lines between what is sacred and private have become so blurred by the must know everything about everyone mindset and how we’ve bought into it.

And it won’t happen overnight and it’s not about it all being bad…but maybe, today, we stop and see that the sacred is not just found in the pipe organs and hands raised in worship places but also, the daily life that is not about how beautiful we look in pictures or how we perform and share it…but how well we live it when no one but God is able to see.

And in so doing, we keep some things sacred.


*Conversation:  How have things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter effected the way we do life? How can we take the sacred of our lives back and why is this important?

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  1. says

    I’ve recently felt this pressure as I am in a new relationship. I struggle with it because of my past. A friend recently said to me, “Don’t you think it’s time to update your relationship status on Facebook?”

    I decided it wasn’t time. This is mine. Something to cherish. It’s new to me and I’m not ready to share it with the world. And that’s ok.

    • Lisa says

      Love this, Sundi Jo. Keep the precious close…no pressure…and if it’s right, share joyfully. (p.s. congratulations. :)

  2. says

    This is a huge issue for anyone who blogs, does Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. etc.

    In other words, all of us.

    What will our kids think as they get older when they look back and see the most intimate details of their lives in black and white {or color} for all the world to see?

    What does it do to our marriages to have what’s private become public fodder?

    A wise pastor once told me that he never used his wife or children as sermon topics. Never. He respected their right to privacy, his responsibility to protect their personal lives.

    mmm … once you hit that PUBLISH button, there’s no going back, is there …

  3. Kim says

    This is an absolutely incredible post. It’s perfectly relevant and deeply meaningful.

    Speaking from my own life experience, I confess that I once traded the intimacy and sacredness of my being for something I thought was important. Little did I know that it became a means of prostituting things that were special to me. I gained (or so I thought) a hip and savvy presence and a sense of belonging among the know-me-now, see-my-life-is-important tech popular, but at what cost. I got so lost in the hype. But you know what I realized, I was compromising…compromising myself and my family life. I was de-valuing many of the cherished moments I was given. I was inviting in the masses so that they could like, love, hate, pin, or whatever. So much time and so many instances were stolen, hijacked by my own sense of self-importance. It was all so easy to get swept into, like a gentle persuasion that suddenly turned into a raging force. It wasn’t until I elected to walk away from what I’ll call “The Excess,” that I really began to see the damaging hold it held over me. Compromising the sacred for the secular had led to a death of sorts.

    Now I can say that while I am all for transparency and truth, for sharing and celebrating my blessed joys, etc. with others, I see the importance of and the value in the sanctified. It makes me think of Jesus and His walk. Of His intimate and sacred time with His Father. Of His personal time with His family and friends. Of the many things not written.

    This I’m sure of, I can’t forsake the personal for the popular. I’ve seen the results, and you know what, I am still recovering.

    Just a thought I’ll meditate on today: Doesn’t this all – our walk – begin and end with the personal, the sacred and the holy?
    (This extends to every aspect of self and life.)

    Love you in Christ for the beauty of your heart and your words, Lisa. You challenge me to go deeper. This is how I continue to grow. Thank you.

    • Lisa says

      Kim, we share the same heart. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your words here — honest words that few are willing to admit. But what a healthy place you are now and how much you have learned. And yes — everything begins and ends with the sacred and the holy…everything. We just forget about it…Him…in the daily humanity we live. I love you and your heart, too. Thank you for being present here. You encourage and inspire me.

  4. says

    I so agree with you. The things I see on facebook that people post amaze me! I can’t believe they tell all that! I also can’t believe all the mundane things posted – we don’t need to know every detail of your day or where you are at the present time …

    I try to be very careful with what I post.

  5. says

    Hey friend!

    Love this. Love your honesty!

    Thanks much! And one big OUCHIE and I struggle with this myself!

    Can’t wait to hear you speak again! And to get my hands on your new book when you’re done with it!

  6. says

    The pull is strong, powerful. I feel it often. Sometimes, I give in; other times I am stronger. Some things are for sharing; others need to be kept close in the confines of our heart. When life becomes about comparison – a competition of sorts – we are too focused on that and not on Him. Sacred – such a good way to describe these daily details. Yes, let’s keep some things sacred. I will think now about what I share and why I want to share it.

  7. Heather says

    There is such food for thought here. I struggle with the conflict between, on the one hand, staying in touch with people (I know it would be ideal to have face-to-face time but sometimes geography, etc prevents that) and on the other hand, maintaining a sense of privacy, cultivating meaningful relationships, and as you so beautifully point out, treasuring the sacred in the everyday.

    • Lisa says

      I struggle too, Heather. I think a great step in keeping things sacred is just the acknowledgment of it — being aware. Thanks for your thoughts, here.

  8. says

    Good, good stuff Lisa. God was prepping me for this post – last night I sat down with the intention of posting a pic of my kids on FB, but I stopped and a thought came to mind, “Why am I doing this?” I really didn’t have a good answer, so I didn’t do it. Your post today has shed more light on it all. I seem to constantly be in a battle about FB – God has used it to do good things in my life (honestly that’s what He used to help bring you to Iowa!), but I also know it can be a time waster. Though it’s blessed me with the ability to connect with faraway friends, at times I think it’s hurt my friendship with those who are near…we’re tempted to rely on FB connections instead of really talking. And then yes, what is it doing to our kids…setting them up to perform and look to others for approval and response – my daughter has asked, “Are you going to put that pic on FB?”

    Praying the Lord fills us all with wisdom and gives us direction. May we keep the sacred just that. Thank you.

  9. says

    AMEN! I have often been questioned and sometimes chidded for not being more open, not sharing more but really somethings belong to us, and us alone. Somethings belong to us and God. That is all. Somethings don’t need to be shared. This is so good. Thank you sister.

  10. says

    I love this line friend, “For in our quest to be acknowledged, we have let some of the sacred go.” enough said with that. Gonna be marinating on this one for a bit.

    I appreciate you and your heart.