It’s been the most grueling writing project of my life.

It’s kept me awake many nights and made my brain want to retire from thinking.

It’s blessed me, haunted me, and convicted me, all at different times.


It’s been a difficult, divine experience, and I’ve left my carcass in its pages.

I’m talking about my new book, whose title I am excited to reveal publicly for the first time today.

But before I do that, I need you to know that it may be the most honest thing I’ve ever written.  I don’t hold back…about anything.  My feelings about the church (positive, by the way), my stand-off with my failures, and the experience that nearly sent my dad to prison are all in its pages.

Within the first 3 paragraphs, I share something I’ve never said out loud in the 20+ years it’s been on my mind.

I talk about the excruciatingly difficult decision to close a church my husband and I started only 13 months earlier.

But more importantly, I show you how an imperfect, messy person can become the thriving, hope-filled person they were born to be.  No secrets…no 3 steps…just an understanding of how their hurtful experiences with the church, their personal relationships and their past can lead them to a great place of health and healing.  It is my strongest belief that it is exactly what we need to live the radical life loving Jesus requires.

There’s that, and much, much more.  I share about what a girl named Rebecca said that changed my life.  I introduce a word that may help shape yours.  And I give you concrete proof that the joy and fulfillment and peace you want are right in front of you.

So with no further ado, let me unveil the name of my new love child…

{w}hole: an honest look at the holes in your life — and how to let God fill them

I can’t wait for you to read it.  Look for it to be available wherever books are sold in September 2011.

I’d love to hear from you…what you think about the title…what you are most excited to know…and what your own journey to becoming whole has taught you.   If you comment, I will respond!

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  1. says

    I LOVE it! Love the title! The play on Whole and hole speaks to the word smith in me and it speaks to a girl who’s had a hole that was made Whole by Him.
    The sub title makes me think of Romans 15:13 –
    cannot wait to read the book! I’ll be first in line.

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Girl, you won’t have to wait in line. You KNOW you’ll be getting an early copy. :) Thank you for your support and love, my friend. You are among the most beautiful parts of my writing journey — I know God brought us together for such a time as this in both of our lives. Can you believe I hadn’t thought of Romans 15:13 when titling this? It’s one of my favorite verses and the verse I sign my other books with!

  2. says

    Congratulations, Lisa! How amazing. I imagine you have learned so much through your studies and reflections in writing this book.

    I like the title… filling our “holes” of our past with the One True Hope to make us whole. That’s what I get from it, at least. (Hope that’s not too far off.) I am not whole yet, but it’s usually my own self that limits me.

    I can relate (on a very, very small scale compared to yours) to what you just said on your tweet when you linked to your site here: “The name of the project that… made me weep with feelings of my inadequacy.” I regularly feel inadequate when I write the articles I write. Who am I to write this information? How am I – a girl who too often misses the mark – supposed to inspire and encourage others? Yet, I know that if I give my words up to Him, it will be not me, but Christ in me. And I know (from your words here on this blog alone) that your faith shines Christ’s love through you, so this book will be fantastic. I have no doubt. I am excited to read it next year.

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Love your thoughts here, Caroline. Thank you for sharing them. I guess we all struggle to feel adequate enough to represent a God so great, don’t we? Keep encouraging others, my friend. Perfection is not a requirement for insight and God-given wisdom, thankfully. You were very close in your assessment of what the book is about. I love your statement that it’s usually your own self that limits you. That could not be more true!

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Well, now…Colleen Lewis…I suspect you will get one of the first copies. There are few people who inspire me more than you do. I love you.

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Mary Kathryn– thank you, girl. So glad you love it. I represent you and all the others among us who have experienced a holes-to-wholeness process in our lives. Grateful for our God connection!

  3. Kim Vinson says

    Oh Dear Friend! Just by reading this post, I cannot wait to dive in. I want to hear your heart and your stories that you so openly share. I want to see how the wholeness can play out in my life and I’m sure it will do the same in others. Congratulations! Do I really need to wait another 9 months to get my hands on it? ;-) Proud to call you friend! Way to go. Be blessed.

    • Lisa Whittle says

      You bless me, Kim! You are such a faithful, loving friend, and I am the one who is proud to be yours.

  4. says

    Congrats Lisa! Knowing that from your obedience to walk the steps He has laid out for you…others will see the path and walk towards their freedom in Him! Thank you!

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Thank you, Nichole! It’s so great to hear from you — you have been a great encouragement to me on this journey.

  5. Heather Lamp says

    Girlfriend…you’re gonna make me wait until next September to read your new book? Well, on the bright side..from the first one I read I know it’s gonna be worth the wait and secondly, it’s just in time for my birthday:) Perfect gift to give myself! Thank you for being so REAL and sharing your own personal journey. Especially for those of us who struggle at removing our own mask. How wonderful life is when we allow God to show us our own unique and perfect purpose:)
    Totally excited!!!

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Oh, thank you so much, Heather! I agree — time to get real about who we are. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment! :)

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Wow — I got the famous Jim Henderson to comment on my blog. If only he would share his research with me. Oh wait — he is! :) Thanks, Jim. You have modeled investment in people for me. I value and respect you more than you know. Grateful to have connected.

  6. Terri Lynn says

    {w}hole … I love this. I get it. I’m living it in some ways, still on the journey of it in others. I look forward to reading this book because you’ve consistently spoken to the places inside of me that say, ‘this is truth’.

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Thank you, Terri. Blessed by this word from you. May truth ALWAYS be the focus of our lives!

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Thank you so much, Michelle! It’s been an incredible journey, and I can’t think of a better way to use it than to encourage others to do the same. In some way, we are all on our journey to wholeness. Thank you for your thoughts here.

  7. Alisa Long says

    September 2011! Say it isn’t so! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book for months already! So proud of you Lisa and appreciate everything you leave on a page (be it virtual or physical!) Love you!

    • Lisa Whittle says

      Oh Alisa, me, too! When I said it was the most grueling writing project of my life, I MEANT it! It has been a long, long process, unlike any other I’ve ever experienced in publishing. But I truly believe it has been the process both me and this book were meant to have. It will only benefit the reader, and I couldn’t be more happy about that! Thank you for your support and love, and know that when it comes out, you will be among the first to know! :) Love you, my friend.

  8. says

    It sounds like a tenderly written book Lisa and full of God’s Sovereignty. I am sure there will be such spiritual blessings and mentoring for its reader and I plan to be one. Behind Those eyes played a huge part in my transformation from my great sin. It was part of my journey in knowing and humanly understanding God’s sovereignty…that even the bad choices we make, the pain we have to live through by the choices of others or self…it can still be used to glorify Him!! Your book obviously is glorifying God. Your title gives a feeling of comfort, a sense of an ending to a very long journey. Congratulations on its release!!

    Believing Him~Pamela

  9. Lora says

    Wow the title alone grips my heart. Im truly excited for you and thank you so much for paving the way for others authors to bare their souls in their books so that others may find freedom in the page thereof. I believe that authors can write behind a mask as well as people that live behind the mask. It is time that authors who say they submitt their gift to God to start removing the mask so that others might be free. That is what I feel when I read every blog post that you have written and I have gone back and read some older ones but to me it is like you reveal your own personal struggles so that someone else might find feedom. I believe that this book is going to bring freedom, healing, deliverance and encouragmenet to so many people and in so many places that you may never get to go and lives that you may never meet. May God’s sweetest blessings overtake your life and always cause you to know that he loves you far beyond your wildest of dreams and deeper than the deepest sea and wider than the worlds size and longer than the longest river just because of who you are and WHOSE you are. God bless you always and forever my facebook, blog and sometimes email friend.

  10. says

    I’ll be anxious to get my copy next year. I like the idea of leaving behind what limits me. Trust me when I say I have a {w}hole new perspective along these lines. It would be easy to get caught up in the current limitations of my life instead of focusing on hope and wholeness. But I don’t linger there very long. It would be too much for my heart to get caught there for any length of time; still and yet, it’s my tendency.

    So happy for you, and I know that what this work has birthed in and through you far exceeds your understanding at this point. Another touchstone of remembrance for you all in the days and years to come.

    Merry Christmas.


  11. says

    I so enjoyed “Behind Those Eyes” came at a time when I really needed it when Lelia did it as a book study on her blog.
    I can’t wait to read this one too – as I am still on the path to healing and {w}holeness. Its been a long walk, and am still grappling with things in my past and though it is extremely painful, the word God gave to me this year was hope and faith. Two things he is calling me to.
    I don’t comment often, but I do read (and catch up if I get behind) and am looking so forward to this book!
    God bless,

  12. Alicia says

    I am still receiveing a God-sized blessing from your last book which I am reading again. Cannot wait to read this one. You love me even though you know my darkest failures. Love to you!

    • admin says

      You are a sweet encourager and faithful friend. I love you, Alicia. We all have our failures — thankfully, they don’t define us. :)

  13. Renee Hipp says

    Just read your announcement and I am so thrilled about the book title, and more importantly what will be on the pages! What an incredible description…I can’t wait to read it. I am so proud of you Lisa.

  14. says

    Wow, Lisa…you pulled me in with just the preview. Given that this will be the first time you’ve spoken on this publicly, I can see why it pulled so many emotions out of you as you wrote. I cannot wait to read it, and I pray your story will lead to many more being made {whole}. Blessings to you, my friend as you go forth in His grace and healing. I’m rejoicing with you as God moves mightily in this season of your life.

    • Lisa says

      Oh, thank you, Kim. I am so grateful to God for trusting me with this message — I so just want the words in this book to matter. Thank you for your support!

  15. says

    I am so excited for you, Lisa! I love the title–I get it! And the little snippet has me trying to be patient until September! That’s a LONG time to wait! But, I will and will definitely be praying that God will use your book to reach others.
    Love ya!

  16. maryben says

    Wow! i can’t wait for September to get my hand on the book Sis Lisa.I’ve got your back in prayers Sissie pray for my financial breakthrough too and a new job.You are a blessings to me and i thank God for you.

  17. says

    Wow. Very interesting. Sounds like this could be a really good book. I am looking forward to hearing more. And reading it. I am always looking for good books to share with others & grow myself. (Just found your blog today through the post on Michael Hyatt’s)

    • Lisa says

      Glad you came over! The book is out in September, and I’d love for you to read it and share with those you know.


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