When authors write books, we make take away promises for if you buy the book.

It’s not a gimmick – we truly think hard about these things and hope and believe for them to be true for you, the reader.

When people tell me I Want God was a game changer for them, I am moved in a way I can’t explain, because I often say that wanting God the most is the game changer of life. So that the take-away for the reader is exactly as I prayed and labored for it to be can only be credited to God.

I have take away promises and goals for the reader of Put Your Warrior Boots On, too – one main one, especially. I will post about this next week, but first I want to ask you a few questions so you can decide for yourself if the book is worth your investment.

  • Do you want to live with a strength the world’s level of crazy can’t bring down?
  • Do you need a better strategy for less fearful living?
  • Are you tired of your faith being contingent upon your emotions, mood or outside factors?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, getting the book is worth it.

  • I also want you to know you are ready and able to walk Jesus strong through this life and exactly why that is (Biblical proof) so you won’t doubt anymore.
  • I want you to know what you believe so you will live more settled and won’t have to worry about the hard conversations since your convictions lead the way.
  • I want you to live a life of complete truth so you are in the best possible warrior shape possible.
  • I want you to live a bolder faith than you ever have before, to fulfill the ultimate purpose for your life.
  • I want you to choose God and follow Him, forever, once and for all instead of continuing to live a life of passable, marginal faith.


So I wrote the book for those purposes, too.

Many more things in the book – the ministry of sameness, the Best Choice test (3 questions to ask yourself to make the best choice), the difference between human brave and Jesus Strong (big difference), and what is the opposite strategy to a life of panic.

Now, only you can decide if you think it’s worth it. I hope you do. I believe God has some things to say to you in the pages.

It is my prayer.

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