When I got back from my trip to El Salvador, all I wanted to do was go into my closet and cry.  A few times, I did.

The face of poverty affected me, like never before.

But eventually, I had to make a decision.  I could choose to sit in my closet and weep the hours away…or get off the floor of my closet and let what affected me drive me into action.

It is the decision of every person who desires to be effective. The truth is, sometimes, we become so affected that we lose that.

It’s important to remember that God is a God of action, not just compassion.  He uses words in the Bible like go, tell, be, live, choose, act, come, obey, and gather: verbs that symbolize movement.

Being affected by the things that break the heart of God is a vital first step.  But it cannot delineate our response.  At some point, our responsibility to live out the passions that burn within us has to kick in.

There is nothing more powerful than an affected, effective person.  In the Kingdom of God, it is something we need not choose between.

Which are you…or are you…both?