{Rules: systems, policy, regulations, set of laws}

I sit at the pool inhaling the scent of honeysuckle, watching teen boys splash and laugh in cracking low tones while the to-do list sits at home, whining. 

It’s a moment I’m proud of: the one where I see in me change and growth and understanding and rule breaking of the best kind. 

And I’m grateful…that I don’t listen to that strict voice in my head anymore- the one that tells me I should too much, takes important things away in exchange for slavery to tasks. 

(By the way…a terrible, terrible trade.)

And yes, I believe: that things must get done and lists are helpful and at the end of the day feeling accomplished is worth a great deal. 

But the rule thing- whereby there are musts that aren’t really musts and kitchens that get cleaned while kids do artwork that no one has time to see and emails get typed while nature is smiling but no door is open to know– those are different. 

That’s when the rules break us. 

~When we feel we can’t so we don’t and we miss out. 

~When we feel we shouldn’t so rest and play and fun get pushed away. 

~When we operate on musts that feel important but have to do with what other people think or feed our bend towards perfection or fool us into thinking getting tasks done controls our universe. 

These are the kind of rules that if we don’t break them first, break us: the ones where we miss life because of lists…skip smells of honeysuckle and playing boys for tasks that don’t bring life…keep our doors closed to the smiling sun and even the rain which sometimes feels like a drag but reminds us that the universe has a pulse. 

photoI don’t know what’s on your to-do list today. But don’t miss life for what you think you must get done because in the end, we mourn the life we don’t take the time to capture. 

Break your rules before they break you. 


*Conversation: Are there some of your own rules you need to break this summer?