Dear Moms (and Dads) Who Just Sent Your Kid Off Into the World…Me, too

Image-1We have just entered into a club we knew we would one day be a part of, but in the midst of parenting like a boss, seemed so far away. That kid that was blowing out diapers and slobbering for a living one day turned into a nearly grown person, and we had no vote. We know it was meant to be. We are grateful we’ve made it to this milestone. But that doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

So, here we are now, that season of life we dreaded, if we are honest. We want them to grow. We want them to be independent humans. We also don’t want them to do either, because that means we no longer get to have them full time in our home. This is the rub of parenthood.

I don’t want to make this any harder on us than it already is. So I won’t.

This post is not let’s reminisce about how little they once were and now they grew up. Dear goodness, we’ve read enough posts about that. This post is me putting my arm around you and saying…I know. Me, too. We are kindred, so let’s talk about a few things that may help us both.

  • I think it’s good to admit we don’t like the system: us parenting awesome crazy and then one day, “bye…please text me every once in a while and I’ll see you for the holidays.” Listen. I know it’s the very best one. I know it’s the way it needs to happen. But I do not like it. I repeat. DO NOT LIKE. And I just want to say to you that you have permission not to like it, either, instead of pretending for the sake of others that you do.
  • Related to the last one but also, a next step kind of a thing. Though this moment is hard and yes, let’s take some time to mourn things…we can’t stay in the house and hold baby pictures and cry all day. Gosh, this has been known at times to be me. And sometimes an hour of this does a lump in the throat and personal sanity some good. But then we must dry it up and get up and get out of the house and keep doing life. Life is still really, really (mostly) good.
  • This is a good time to find friends in a similar life situation if we haven’t already. I’ll be honest: right now I gravitate towards you, and I think that’s ok. I adore my toddler-mom friends. I adore my single and newly married ladies. But this is a unique life thing, letting the kid we have raised, go. We need the specific support of others walking through as well as the wisdom of those who have walked before. There will be a day we are able to do coffee with new moms and hear about their grand, fresh adventures in motherhood but this is probably not the day for that, as we are remembering and struggling with what it feels like to let go and hope and pray we’ve taught them enough. We’re in a unique season, and I think it’s ok to gravitate towards the safe and knowing kindreds right now.

I have two more things I want to tell you – one which I find a huge help and mind shift – the other I consider the real lifeline.

So I’m continuing this conversation on Thursday at 9am EST on my Lisa Whittle author page on Facebook to talk about these things. I’ll be live at 9am EST with my coffee and a cyberhug, so LET’S GET TOGETHER for a few more minutes then. And if you are not in this particular life season but know someone who is…by all means, invite them to join me. I promise, I’ll take good care of their heart. (p.s. Even if you aren’t in this life season, you can still join, too! Non-exclusivity alert.)

In the meantime, head over to any of my social media accounts (FB, Twitter, Instagram) and leave me a comment or question related to this subject, and I’ll do my best to include it in our conversation on Thursday.

Happy Monday, my kindreds. I know. Me, too. I love you.

Announcing: My Next 3 Projects!

I’m so excited…in a grateful, honored, still pinch myself that this is what I get to do with my life kind of way.

(p.s.Sometimes writing books still seems like a dream I fell into rather than dreamed up (well, because it was) – one others may be more qualified for but none more passionate about, I can promise you that.)

I’m releasing 3 new books/projects with Harvest House Publishers in 2017, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


IMG_1635Currently, I’m in the midst of writing my forthcoming book: Put Your Warrior Boots On: Walking Jesus Strong, Once and For All. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is in kind of a mess. I have been praying and thinking long and hard (like it keeps me up at night sometimes) about how to live in the mess better, and I believe God has given me the how-to. Put Your Warrior Boots On is an equipping and strength-inducing book. It is a what-do-we-do-right-now book. It is a book to help we, the followers of Jesus, live with a better strategy – not one of reaction and hopelessness and fear, but one of real, true strength. I want us to be steady, ready and sure as we walk in this world gone crazy. (p.s. Yes, we can be.) I want us to stop trying to brave ourselves into it. (Seriously can’t wait to talk to you more about THIS and share what I’ve learned about it because I think the shift in perspective may help you as it has me.) I want us to be consistent in our relationship with God instead of riding the spiritual roller coaster, once and for all. I want us to walk in His authority like He’s told us to do – with effectiveness in the world and tunnel vision on heaven. We are here and the world is not getting better and we can’t keep wishing things were different – we have to change up how we live to be solid and sturdy, no matter what comes our way. We need this, right? Man, how we need it.

I want you to know: it is with the softest of hearts and the deepest of love and the strongest of speech I write it. It is proving to be very much like writing I Want God, in the sense that the urgency is a second skin I’m wearing, the revelations from God are swift and piercing, and I find myself eager to hear what He has to tell me, every time I sit down to type. I cannot wait to share more as the release date approaches, as I believe there has never been a more important time to release a book like this. Release date: April 1, 2017


IMG_1638My second book is a different kind of book for me, and I’m so excited about it, too. It’s called 5 Word Prayers: A 40-day Devotional, to help kick start our prayer life in a way that is both doable and powerful. (We don’t need to talk about how ABSOLUTELY VITAL prayer is, especially right now in this crazy world, right? Like…prayer is everything. For real.) For years people have been asking me if I would write a devotional book, and for years I’ve thought about it but never moved forward. I’ve long believed that with our prayers, it’s not about word count but about heart intent. The documented prayers of Jesus are short. The older I get the more I realize that prayer is not me saying as many words as I can but listening and being with Him in communion, where our hearts unite. For this reason, this devotional book. This book will not only provide daily 5 word prayers, but it will also include a short devotional written about each prayer to help it really seep down deep. I have lots of love and belief in this book, and I hope you will be as excited as I am about it. Release Date: Fall of 2017


IMG_1644And last but absolutely not least…with the release of 5 Word Prayers will be the release of a super fun companion adult coloring book by the same name. I know ya’ll love these things. I know they are flying off the shelves like crazy. And I believe in this case, each coloring page and accompanying prayer will be something not only you can fly your creative flag with, but also meditate on and maybe even frame and hang on your wall as art or give as a gift to someone else. You should know I’m hardcore committed to these coloring pages being beautifully and meaningfully graphic. So I hired the absolute best, most talented freelance artist to draw the sketches. She just so happens to be my baby sister, so she shares my DNA. I still can’t even believe I was able to hire her – she works in an art gallery and draws sketches all day FOR A LIVING, and I begged her to squeeze me in. (Family has its privileges.) So you know…this project is going to be fantastic and is truly a labor of love. Go ahead and plan on it being one of your Christmas gifts for someone in 2017. Release Date: Fall of 2017.

Well, there it is. These are my new projects. I hope you are as eager to get them as I am to get them to you.

So many of you have spread the word about I Want God and as a result, helped change lives. (For real. You should hear the stories.)

So many of you are faithful readers to the messages God has put on my heart to share. I wish you knew how humbling this feels and how much responsibility it brings to my heart, and how seriously I take it.

I think you and I are on the exact same page. I believe we share the same heart.

If you, like me, want to live with a better strategy, want to walk Jesus strong instead of walking tentative, defensive and reactionary, want to be the steady and sure believer of Jesus that He can use in this world in these crazy days to influence the rest of the world…if you, like me, sometimes feel like prayer books make me feel more intimidated about my prayer life, like I don’t measure up, love the idea of 5 powerful prayer words to pray every day for 40 days to better communicate with God…and if sometimes you just like to be a little artsy but are intimidated by Pinterest :)…these books are for you.

Can’t wait to share them.

Love you.

Mean it.

Thanks for letting me share my new projects…and my life…with you.

The One Thing I Want to Say To Writers

Image-1I think a lot about writing. It’s gotten into my bones and won’t leave me, I suspect, ever since that time I was 16 and wrote my dad about the speeding ticket instead of talking to him about it, face to face. It was then I realized how much better I was saying things on paper.

I think a lot about writers. I think about how we tick, if we are just born with it or if we can ever just be made into good ones. I think about how we are often too hard on ourselves and how sometimes, especially we God writers, get the Messiah complex and feel like the fate of people is up to us. It’s exhausting sometimes, living in the writer head, really. We are a wild, bothered bunch.

Most, I think about the people who read – what they need to hear and what books they are drawn to and what words in the end will really even matter. It didn’t used to be for me this way — to think about the people who read the most. This embarrasses me, but it’s true. (I know, new writer. You want to be heard. Your story is epic. But if you really want to help people, this can’t just be about you.) I just wanted to write what I wanted and tell things I wanted and leave things I didn’t want out. I realized somewhere along the way that writing wasn’t even almost about me. Funny, how growing up kicks you in the teeth and straightens things out a bit.

I have been writing now since 2004, except that’s just the official date because like most writers, I’ve been writing much longer.

I’m asked on different occasion to give the other writers some advice – what is the one thing you would say to them, the people ask, and when I mull it over in my mind, no sound bite ever sounds good enough. How do you relegate all you’ve walked through and learned in your own hard learning into 5 words that change the writer’s life?

I can’t.

I really just want to tell them plain things that don’t make for a glossy quote — the same things I tell myself — to be who they really are and mostly learn to be less selfish. I want to tell them to seek to do a really solid waltz with their words instead of trying to impress with a flashy hip hop dance they can’t pull off. To the God writers I really just want to tell them to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit. I’m pretty sure that’s the necessary all.

The truth is, the good writers are fighting to be good people and have just decided to bring others along. The best insights are the ones we love people enough to share, just like that amazing deal we got on a pair of boyfriend jeans…the skincare that really works…the fiction book we couldn’t put down. Why learn the important things to keep the things to ourselves?

But I know our need for a sage one liner. I know our desire to package and shrink wrap and deliver in the same neat way. I just don’t know how to tell a writer to do that because I believe the words sound better after they’ve been beaten out of you. Ask any writer: the life writes the words for us, really, after it beats us half to death.

So I would just say, today, to that budding writer or the one already writing and wanting to get better (whatever better to them is), this one thing: Just move the needle. Since I’m not the Holy Spirit, and I’m not able to change someone, of myself (I wish)…It’s honestly all I know, as a writer, to do.

  • Move someone closer to resolution or forgiveness or hope.
  • Move someone to be a better something, if it’s a gardener or a manicurist or a drummer or a preacher.
  • Move yourself out of yourself and into a space where the reader’s heart is all you can see.

Move them with your words. Move them with your humility. Move them by telling the truth, sharing what you know, helping them feel seen and understood and hopeful.

Move them to be better. Move them to change something. Move them to love God most (the One who does the actual moving). Move them to a more productive life.

Just move the needle.

Even if you think moving a needle is not big enough or shiny enough or precious enough or Godly enough or important enough. It takes a lot to move the needle in someone else’s life. Moving the needle is an incredible gift, burden and joy.

And if in the end we are able to move the needle, even just a little bit…where it breathes hope inside someone who once felt hopeless…or pushes them off the couch and into a less stale daily…or turns them into the most amazing gardener, manicurist, drummer or preacher…remember that is a gift, not a given, and really isn’t even almost about me or you.

p.s. Hey writers? You are my people. I stinkin’ love you. 

Dear Parent: Just Cheer.

IMG_9819I announced my son’s commitment to play football at Furman University last Monday to my family and friends via social media. Overwhelmed is not a big enough word for how I felt reading all the congratulations. How does one describe how it feels to be loved?

But there’s a backstory to the whole thing, and I think you should know it. Because in it, there are some nuggets I believe may mean something to you, too.

When Graham was little, he loved to draw. He would spend hours sketching and shading and imagining and coloring. Favorite super heroes, animals, you name it…the boy would bring it to life with his hands. Many days I stood in awe of the talent and hung up as many of his pictures as would fit on my wall.

But in that admiration there was also a tinge of sorrow. Because I had dreams for my oldest son and in retrospect, they were mostly about me. I bought into the silent expectation that in order for boys to be manly they needed to be all about sports and my son just wasn’t. He never knew, but inside, as silly as it sounds, I mourned the loss of a dream I didn’t have a good reason to want.

But over time, and after some tears and prayers, I put the dream away. And I fully embraced the new dream of seeing him use his artistic talents for the glory of God. I even got excited. I stocked him up on all the pencils and pens and paper and watched him create amazing things, day after day.

You can imagine, then, my surprise, when years later he comes home to tell me he’s playing football at recess. I like it, he says, and I can see the eyes gleam. More and more, he plays football outside, while the art sits on the table waiting patiently for him to return. Soon he no longer picks up the pencils. The artist inside him never leaves but it grows quieter and quieter until one day, he draws no more. And I must, once again, change gears. And I must, once again, mourn another dream.

But this is parenthood, is it not? The sweetest slow death to me.

Graham became quite an athlete.

I could tell you all the things, because I have them memorized: the plays, the catches, the touchdowns, the interceptions: I remember each one. But I memorized the tears, too, and sometimes their memory is stronger. I memorized the days he lived some challenging things in a changing environment throughout his high school football career. I memorized the sound of a coach’s voice that did not believe in him, the smells and sounds of grueling days of summer football practice, the day he told his teammates he was leaving his senior year to go to a different school. The dream felt especially bad that day.

And as any good cheerleader would, I stood on the sidelines and watched and cheered. I watched him thrive, and grow and learn. I watched him do hard things with determination. I watched him earn the respect of new teammates and coaches and earn the right to start the game and play both sides of the ball. I watched him be interviewed for the paper and send me joyful texts about how he was highlighted again in the news as a player to watch. And as with every other time he chased a dream in all of his 18 years, I fought to make the dream not about me.

And now here we are with a grown up young man and his dream to play college football, which has unbelievably become real. And I realize really all of it has been a leap: to risk, to rise, to change, to obey the voice of God, to cheer from the sidelines. There has been hard work and there has been inexplicable favor. Crazy God things that are too long to write in this blog that I wish we could sit down over coffee and let me tell you.

But I want you to know this, about your own life, too:

  1. Sometimes dreams don’t die but they go dormant for awhile and then God gives them back to you. Just always be ready to change gears.
  2. Sometimes people won’t believe in you. It’s ok: it doesn’t change you having the goods.
  3. Follow leads, walk through doors, take risks, if no other reason…so you can never say it was because you didn’t even try.
  4. Pray and trust God. Pray and trust God. Pray and trust God.
  5. (Parents) Don’t make your kid’s dreams about you.

You never know when God may dream up something better or give the old dream back.

In the meantime, just cheer.FullSizeRender

My 1-year Shopping Fast: What I Did, How it Changed My Life and Where I Go From Here

IMG_8132First, full disclosure.

I never set out to fast from shopping for a year.

Instead, I planned on one month. The month of January, 2015. Two months after my birthday and two weeks after Christmas. Let’s be honest: the sacrificial level was not high since my closet was so recently full.

But that’s just the thing: we are good at giving up things that don’t cost us much and calling it sacrifice. I’ve done that, before. It’s pretty shallow.

The reason for the fast in the first place happened in tiers. I couldn’t find things in my closet, not because there was nothing in there to find, but because it was so full the things got stuck behind other things. (This is a good indication of excess, by the way.) I went to Honduras. The poverty, as expected, made my excess feel especially egregious. But mainly, I just knew shopping was getting in my way of me and God, in that way we just know deep down and no one needs to tell us. Shopping had become my relief for feeling chubby, boredom, desire to silence the relentless call of God. I was tired of the justifying — that I was paying in cash and buying things on a bargain and shopping no more than anyone else — at the end of the day the excuses were all an echo and I felt the same sheepishness at night when I was alone with God.

I didn’t do it for a book. I had already written I Want God. This was no experiment. It was another layer of obedience.

I got the point where I wanted to eliminate any reason God might not be blessing me. I wanted to do all I could on my part to make sure my life was clean so I didn’t have the distraction of guilt or worry. (Aside: I find that we worry a lot but many of the things that cause us to worry we keep around instead of giving them up, which in turn, would lessen our worry.) I didn’t want to worry that my excess was blocking the hand of God or continually asking myself the question “is this God or is it because of me” (maybe you don’t have trouble distinguishing between this, but I do), so I did something about it.

At first, I was not going to go public. Had no desire to wave any kind of martyr flag. But a few weeks in I knew exactly what I needed: accountability. I suppose it’s hard to be in the checkout line with a basket full of clothes and have someone who knows you’re on a shopping fast see you and ask, so I saved myself the embarrassment.

I had planned to blog about this in January when my fast is over. But I have gotten a startling number of private Facebook messages, emails and texts from people as of late who tell me the same thing: I believe God is calling me to a shopping fast, but I’m scared. Can you talk to me about yours?

So I write of it sooner than later, with the hope to help in whatever way I can with whatever fast God is prompting you towards. (This is not a specifically spiritual post about fasts. Please refer to the Bible for Biblical aspects of it.) Please, I’m no expert. But I’ve walked this, yes, and there are some things that I believe, helped.

  • I took it very seriously. This was a hugely personal commitment to my God, not a revolt against shopping, itself. I wanted to go to the depths, not swim on the surface — break free from the grip of wanting something other than God and I knew in order to do that, it had to be of length and substance. I determined up front there was no length to which I would not go to keep my commitment (see #3). What started out to be a month very quickly changed to a year. Why? Because I knew God was asking me for that length of time. Why? Well, it’s God, so I probably shouldn’t try to guess. But in my human mind I can only gather that He knew the length of time it would take to break me from the grip.
  • I made it doable. I know, I know. A year of no shopping doesn’t sound doable. But trust me, it is. Not everything was off limits. I didn’t go crazy with a wild-haired plan that would never work. Instead, I focused on the over buying. Necessary toiletries, maintenance things (hair coloring and cut), clothing for my family were not a problem. Shoes, jewelry, hats, clothing for myself were the offenders. So I focused on those things and fasted them for an entire year.
  • I planned for it. I am a big believer in saving myself from myself, and this experience certainly confirmed it. Because I knew it would be a difficult thing for me not to compromise, I made it as impossible as I could. I did not go to stores for the first 6 months (after that time, I eased a few stores back in but some of the ones I love the most I still have not been in for a year). I went public with my fast so people could watch me and bust me, if necessary. (I felt sure God would make that happen if I slipped.) I truly believe it is in allowing ourselves that moment of secrecy that we mess ourselves up the most. So I set myself up for success by methodically planning out how not to fail. (Let’s be honest. Sometimes it takes our heart awhile to engage with our mission. That’s ok. All the more reason in the beginning to plan until the heart kicks in and desires change.)
  • I talked to God about it, a lot. We’ve been in this together since day 1. Only He has known my private thoughts, struggles and successes, and that’s the way it should be with Father and child. Prayer kept me sane throughout this process and made it harder and harder for me to want to disappoint the One I had committed the fast to in the first place. In that way, a few months in, prayer really sealed the deal.
  • I didn’t think about messing up. Trust me. I knew it might happen. But I didn’t focus on it because I felt in that focus I would have to choose grace over legalism (always the right choice) and that might set up a mindset that I didn’t want to allow in. I just didn’t want the focus to be on the day or moment I messed up. Instead, I chose to focus on keeping my eyes locked on God. I knew there would be too much internal noise to contend with if not, and I needed all the heart heading in one direction.

So. Your inevitable question. Did I mess up at any point this year?

Yes and no. Yes, if you count the pair of Walmart $20 knock-off Birkenstocks I bought in Springfield, Missouri, on one of my speaking weekends this fall when my shoes I had been wearing for two days were so awful they were making the bottom of my feet pinch to the point of fire. It’s well worth your scorn, by the way. :) I couldn’t have walked one single more step onto a plane in those awful shoes. And bonus: I wear the $20 knockoffs now, all the time.

And yes, if you count the awesome Target travel bag I bought a few months back when mine broke at the handles. You would die over the cuteness. Plus I have something to carry things in. Turns out you sort of need that for travel.

But no, if you don’t consider those things a mess up. By the grace of God (and I mean this, heartily), I bought nothing else during my shopping fast for myself. Two times, I had something in my cart to buy. And two times, I was able to walk away. (Thank you, Jesus.)

How has it changed my life? I’m sure I will be assessing this in the months to come, and I’m sure some of the ways I may not ever fully know. But there are a few things I can put words to, today: 1) I have new confidence in my ability to tell myself no. I was never very good at that in this area. Now I know how to be smarter about shopping and when it goes south, how to quickly pull back before it gets out of control. 2) Spiritually, I’ve been drawn in to God in a new way. We did this, together. He helped me when no one else could. Those things make for depth in the relationship. And just…I believe when you obey God in any area of your life, your life gets better. Not prosperity Gospel stuff. Deep, dredged heart ways.

As January draws near and the time for my shopping fast is coming to an end, I am more determined than ever to not let it all be for naught. For that reason, I’m doing the following things:

Making a solid, practical plan. I can never assume being healthy in this area without one. My plan is that for every new piece of clothing (shoes/jewelry/etc.) I purchase, I have to get rid of 5 things in my closet. Yes, this is steep. But it’s necessary. In our #missionhouse, there’s no room for anything more, anyway. (Thanks, God, for the extra little help.) Needless to say, I’ll have to love something enough to let 5 other loves go. So this is a good plan and will help me stay choosy.

Continuing my passionate pursuit of God. There will be more things to chip away. There will be more discipline and recalibration. It won’t end with a fast from shopping. My wanting God journey doesn’t stop with January and the conclusion of my fast. It continues for the rest of my life. Having fasted shopping for a year, in a new way, I know the only thing I can’t live without is Him.

This is long and I need to close. But thank you, once again, my faithful readers, for the honor of sharing this piece of my journey.

And to my friend reading who is being prompted this very moment by God to enter into a fast of your own…with the softest of hearts I say: don’t run. Say yes. That the Lord would be calling you deeper means He loves you much more than you know.

p.s. Man, I love ya’ll.


Let’s talk about this on my social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. (Links in the right margin/black and white banners on this page.) Need me to pray for you in your fasting endeavor? I will. I love how God uses us to help each other as we so humanly limp along.

What I Hope you Will Buy Someone You Love for Christmas

FullSizeRenderI have written 4 books, to date. I love them all, and all of them mean something to me.

But I Want God, my baby of just a year old is different.

I tell people all the time: writing {w}hole (my book from 2011) broke me open. Writing I Want God put me back together.

I can’t tell you in words. I truly can’t. Writing I Want God was a holy experience. It was God and me tangled up like I have never before known. When the writing was over, intense and tedious as it was, I mourned it because I didn’t want God to stop breathing on me hard, pulling scales off my eyes and letting me see.

One of my biggest prayers in writing I Want God: that people would be so moved they would need to put down the book, hit their knees and pray. I wasn’t sure a human book could do that. But what I knew was that when I wrote it, I had to stop and do just that. So in that space, I was hopeful.

So you can imagine when Bree at a Texas event came up to me and said, I prayed and wept through all of chapter one. Mostly prayed, because God was so near what that did to my insides. Others have said the same thing. All I know is that these were answered prayers.

I tell you this, not to brag on me. Oh my goodness, that’s the miracle, folks. If God can be powerful through this haggard mess, He can be powerful through any. I think that’s why I hold I Want God so very dear. It’s way beyond me.

So this month it’s another prayer for I Want God: that my readers who have not yet gotten the book will get it. And my readers who have and it has impacted them like they say will get it for people they love.

I can only tell you why I ever buy a book for someone, anymore. (I admit. It’s a short list. I have gotten ridiculously picky.) I can tell you that it’s the same things people have told me about I Want God.

  • It’s a book that changed my life in some way. I Want God changed my life. It has changed other people’s lives. This I have heard, repeatedly. I can’t think of a better gift for a loved one than to hand them something that could change their life.
  • It’s a book I would read, again. I feel this way about very few books, honestly. This is one of the most frequent things I hear said about I Want God and I marvel it every time because I know that’s huge. That people want to read it two, three, four times…some who say they will read it every year…lets me know this book is a keeper.
  • It’s a book that drives me to God. Candidly and with full disclosure: if you don’t want to be pushed towards God, don’t read this book.
  • It’s a book that shows me how to live after the book is closed. I was intentional about this, so very intentional. The last chapter of I Want God has a Scriptural formula in it that is not only memorable and easy, but tried, true and evergreen. I know how to live now through what God showed me in 3 simple words.
  • It’s a book that convinces me I can get better. I have to walk away from a book convicted (if it doesn’t challenge me, it doesn’t change me) and buoyed in my belief that long standing patterns can be broken in my life. This is hope. I Want God challenges us to get better because God says we can.

It’s for these reasons I ask you to invest in I Want God for someone for Christmas. I wrote it, not to entertain or make some best-seller list. I wrote it to change your life. I believe it will. I also believe spending under $10 at even the slightest chance of that is well worth it.

Here’s the ordering link.

Here’s a page all about it.

Here’s what other people have said.

Read the Amazon reviews.

Tell your friends. Order it for yourself and have someone near to you wrap it up and put it under the tree. Buy it for all the people you love who you know want to change their life, too.

I’m with you in the pages and here, now, on the journey.

May 2016 be the year all of us want God most.

I turned the page, devoured the rest…and here I am, speechless. The reading of I Want God is a wrecking and a revival and a resurrection, all at once. ~Jill, New York