A Quick Note…

Hi friends! I welcome us all back from the July break to a parenting series I’m doing for the month of August – one I pray will be meaningful and encouraging to your soul, if you come here as a parent, yourself. Even if not, may there be a nugget you can take away, as parenting parallels so much of life.

Please know: it is not from any pedestal I share, but from deep in the trenches with you.

God, help us all as we seek to guide young lives to become great warriors for the Kingdom! 

Find me at church a few weeks ago, not singing during worship.

Turns out, when you have a bowling ball burden resting square on your chest, pending a big decision by one of your kids, discord, a conflict, a timing issue, and things that look a bit of a mess, sometimes the mouth is too overwhelmed to open.

We have a good family.

But the first mistake people sometimes make about good families is assuming that people who love their family hard, play hard and post fun pictures about it sometimes have nightly dinner like the Cleavers followed by Bible memory quoting before the 2 hour prayer sessions, capping off the night with Walton-esque goodnights.

The second mistake is to assume they never have problems.

I won’t spend the time here on why this is the craziest wrong assumption because I think deep down we all know just how crazy it is, but just please hear it again one more time, loud and clear:

No family is perfect. Every family has problems. Pictures are snapshots, the end.

But back to me at church, that Sunday a few weeks ago.

As I am there with worship music playing around me, heavy with the burdens, silent before the Lord with my mind going over and over all the many things, I want relief, release, resolution…all the issues to be solved immediately and perfectly and in the way I think. I am overcome with the sheer complication of several big issues at once and trying to process as I do in my typical intuitive, linear way of how all the things must become solved, one by one…with every thought, becoming more and more overcome by the totality of all the things I can’t fix or solve and my frustration over this.

And I sense God speaking to my heart: Hand over the file.

 It is an odd visual, but I let my mind go there – picturing a file with papers all stuffed in it, hanging out, an unorganized mess, much like my thoughts at the moment…shoving it into His hands and saying, “ok, here, have it. Do something with it. I can’t anymore.”

Standing there in the middle of church, it’s exactly what I do.

Hand over to Jesus my entire pretend file of all the parenting burdens and mentally walk away.


I don’t know what are your parenting burdens.

I don’t know what conflicts you have in your home, where there is discord or complication or something that looks like a complete mess you aren’t sure how to ever sort out.

But what I can tell you is that Jesus wants the entire file, and He can handle whatever is in it.

So why not today – you take all the things, pile them in that file marked, “For Jesus”, give it to Him and walk away?

Parenting is a constant handing back to God the job that requires His management.

Sometimes we just forget and try to do the job, ourselves.

With you.

Love you.

Love Jesus most.

Always His,

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