I go on all the podcasts and they ask me the same thing: what would you say to your 20 year old self?

And I think long and hard about this blog and what I want to say to you now and to me, too, since we are all alike even though we claim we are so very different.

And I know: it’s words not just for the 20 year old me or you but the 40 year old me and you and the 50 year old and 60 year old and truth be known, the 15, 32 year old and 75 year old, too.

We all need to know the same thing as we walk through this crazy hard world.

That we are able, even though so often, we think we are not.

So maybe you’ll indulge me a few words to my right now self, since we are alike and all…so that means they’ll be for you, too…

Yes, Lisa, you are able.

I know you don’t feel like it, today. Truth be known, that last email about did you in – you know, the one with the bad news? It’s crummy, hearing hard things. Makes even a determined person feel like seeking the refuge of the dark closet.

On that subject…oh, what people do not know. That it doesn’t really matter how God knit a person together in the womb when it comes to the scary of the world. No one is tough enough to fight the human fear from mere genes and chromosomes. Personality type doesn’t qualify or disqualify from Jesus strong, thank God. I wish people would stop saying things like, “well, it’s easier for you” since we know good and well it’s not true. Sometimes outward grit just better hides the pile of inward angst.

I know that when you woke up after falling asleep on that airplane some months back, in what some people might call a panic attack, you felt fear grip you like never before – like your kids were going to die and you wouldn’t be able to protect them. I know that isn’t the first time that’s happened – mostly it happens in the dark of the night in your bed and you wake up in a sweat and Satan laughs at you and all you can really do is pray Jesus’ name over and over again until the terror passes.

Yeah, the world is crazy, no doubt about that. The other shoe is going to drop for sure, and that’s not being negative. So what are you going to do about it – sit and cry and panic? It doesn’t seem like a very good solution. It doesn’t feel like a good way to live. Won’t that rob that everyday joy? Won’t that keep you holding on too tight to kids that really belong to God…keep you from living the full, beautiful life God intended for you? Cocoons are for caterpillars and bubbles are for gum. Life is not meant to be stuffed in a box taped up by human hands under the illusion of control.

No, what you really want is to live strong. You don’t want weak faith – you want sure, steady, fortified faith that lasts until the end. You watched your daddy take his last breath and that’s a holy thing too big for words. In that moment you saw for yourself that earth things aren’t worth it if they aren’t attached to heaven things. You don’t want the panic life you pass on to your kids. You want the prepared life they take on as a heritage of strength to last long after you are gone. You don’t want to be swayed by the culture, confused by the mixed messages of the world, or live a life of half-truth. No. You want freedom in the Jesus only way. You want thick and abiding trust. You want Jesus strong, not human brave with an expiration date attached to it. 

So don’t trust how you feel. Trust what you believe about God. Is He the authority of this world? Did He adopt you as His child? Has He made promises about the strength you can walk in despite this world and can He break promises? Then put on those warrior boots and stop living below your potential. It’s time. You are called to live the legacy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing else to do but to do just that.

You are able. You ARE able.

By the power of the Holy Spirit. Under the covering and authority of God.

So sister, warrior up.


PS: OH MY FRIENDS. I have something so special, so close to my heart I am going to share with you on Thursday. Please stay tuned and GET READY. It’s something I’ve never done before but something I found to be one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done in my life. I pray and trust it will be powerful for you, too, and for people all over this world. Let us boldly proclaim the name of Jesus, together, my warrior friends…it is time to rise to our spiritual potential and walk in the authority that is ours. Jesus Strong!

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