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the very best book

A short, practical guide to help you know and love your Bible.

In an uncertain world, there is one thing I know for sure: the Bible is the Very Best Book you will ever read. It is the book that will…

  • answer the questions you have about life.

  • lead you down right paths and help you make good decisions.

  • encourage you when you are afraid and give you hope for tomorrow.

A FREE 5-day Devotional

Learn how to stay faithful to God when others fall away.

  • Day 1: Tried and True: Staying Faithful
  • Day 2: Tried and True: Preach the Word
  • Day 3: Tried and True: Keep a Clear Mind
  • Day 4: Tried and True: Endure Hardships
  • Day 5: Tried and True: All about the Ministry

Free 10-Day Bible Study

To declare literally means to acknowledge possession – to recognize what is already ours and walk in that truth, affirming to ourselves and coming into agreement with God what He has already said about us and about Himself. This is how the Jesus follower is meant to function. Instead, I see us living below our potential…forgetting who God is and who we are in Him…and as a result, letting every year slip by with us feeling like a defeated victim. Let’s make this year different.

Free 5-Day Bible Study

Feeling like you aren’t sure how to be strong, truly strong in this day and time? Struggle with standing up for what you believe, having a strong mind, loving people, having discipline and being able to be strong in the midst of your trial? We will cover these things and how to walk Jesus Strong in them. During the 5 days, you can see replays of 3 Facebook live videos where I am joined by some amazing special guests!

Put Your Warrior Boots On Study Videos

  • Great for group studies
  • Includes a video for each chapter
  • Also, includes a free, printable study guide