“We don’t need spiritual decorations;
we need spiritual declarations over our life.”

Put Your Warrior Boots On
Chapter 1, I Am Able

People are starting to read this book, Put Your Warrior Boots On, and saying how it’s impacting them, infusing strength inside, and all I can do is just offer the praise back to God because this was the intention.

I didn’t write a book to tell us all the placating, pretty things. There are plenty of other books for that. I wrote this book to help us, really help us. I am in this life for lasting impact, so may my writing always stay consistent with that life quest.

Stay with me…I’m getting somewhere with this, but I must ask you a question because trust me, I like pretty.

Did I ever tell you that at one time I wanted to be an interior decorator? I did, and I have the brochures from the Art Institute of Charlotte to prove it. Before God decided different, I wanted to design pretty spaces for people to look it, since creating and art and beauty are favorites of mine.

Which brings me to my point.

Today I get to combine my past and my present in one beautiful thing.

I get to offer you something pretty to hang in your house with powerful words that change the atmosphere of the room, and most importantly the heart.

All 8 declarations from Put Your Warrior Boots On in one gorgeous limited edition art piece from the amazing and powerful House of Belonging.



Pretty + Truth-filled = powerful combination.

Available soon at TheHouseofBelonging.com!


YOU can win one for YOUR HOME just like I have in mine. I’m doing a giveaway* on Instagram now through May 25 at 7pm ET. The winner will be announced via my insta-story at 8pm.

All of the instructions will be in my instagram post. Click here to get started. OR follow me on Instagram – @lisawhittle

*No purchase necessary to enter giveaway. See instagram post for specific details.


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