I want to take a picture of them, if only 3 backs, to capture this moment. 

My children, wearing God’s hands, serving strangers.  Their smiles that reflect a contented heart.  Their words whispered in low tones when they pass me on the way to get more food on plates to sit in front of hungry kids: I like this.

But the sacred of the moment keeps me from it and I know: the picture will make it cheap.

It is the truth about sacred things: they become tarnished when relegated to a performance.

But oh, I am proud: that for a brief pause in time the entitlement I war with that threatens my kids doesn’t win and I, who often messes up, led them into something right. And yes, I want to share it.

And if I’m being brutally honest on that level in which it aches, I will admit that we who are used to the world being one big performance stage find ourselves in the pull of snap shooting our life in the midst of our best act so that people will love us, think us special, admire our life…and sometimes the pull wins.

Writhe at this if we will, we need only weigh how much of our life we spend lived in look at me, acknowledge me, see me mode to find its truth.

For in our quest to be acknowledged, we have let some of the sacred go.

Forgetting…that all marriage issues shouldn’t be shared, all friendship conflicts shouldn’t be made public, all the things we do for God, with God, about God shouldn’t be eligible for human consumption.

And God help us if we don’t remember this and instead, live our life through computer screens more than the one in front of us.

And God help us if we don’t see how the lines between what is sacred and private have become so blurred by the must know everything about everyone mindset and how we’ve bought into it.

And it won’t happen overnight and it’s not about it all being bad…but maybe, today, we stop and see that the sacred is not just found in the pipe organs and hands raised in worship places but also, the daily life that is not about how beautiful we look in pictures or how we perform and share it…but how well we live it when no one but God is able to see.

And in so doing, we keep some things sacred.


*Conversation:  How have things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter effected the way we do life? How can we take the sacred of our lives back and why is this important?