I’m supposed to be promoting a book right now, and turns out, I’m as bad as I thought at doing what people tell me to do.

Because all I want to talk to you about is something off script.


My dentist tells me last week he thinks I’m clenching my teeth, and I’m sure he’s dead wrong. “I don’t think I do,” I tell him, quite sure. “Well, pay more attention. Maybe you just haven’t noticed.”

Since then, I noticed I’m clenching my teeth. I do it, in fact, all the time.


I buried my father less than 6 months ago, barely kissed him goodbye then turned to a camera and smiled because there was a book that had to come out and it needed my attention. Then another one on its heels, and I’m supposed to be ready to go, again.

The day I filmed my video trailer for 5 Word Prayers I had taken the red eye home from California. Some things, makeup can’t fix. Every bit of the weariness showed on my face.


I don’t know from where your life pressure comes. I don’t know what you are smiling through. I know some of you are paying off debt right now, and that is an enormous task. Some of you are still buried by it, not knowing even where to start, suffocated by the strain and worry.

I know some of you have problems with your kids.

Some of you feel the pressure to be married and have that family. Some of you feel pressure to please that person or those people, maybe parents that cause you to feel you must always perform, or a church or followers, if you are a pastor or lead a ministry.

Some of you are cleaning up. Literally, cleaning up your yard from the hurricanes or figuratively, cleaning up from the mess that just blew into your life.

We are all dealing with many things right now. Hard, complicated things.

And I just want to say to us today: we have to stop trying to soldier through, handle it, pretend it away, and skillfully take it on. We have to pay attention to our hurts and how they are quietly manifesting in our life. Most of all, we have to give our hard places over to God.

Jesus is not pressuring you to handle things, in fact, quite the opposite.

He doesn’t want you to make it all right. He wants to make you alright.

We need Him so much.

That’s all I have to say.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” I Peter 5:7 (NLT)

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