Welcome to the party already in progress…of which YOU ARE absolutely, positively CORDIALLY INVITED and really, are hosting right along with me!!

(Enter blowing horns and cyber confetti in which you don’t have to pick out of your hair! Holla!)

It’s the official release day of our book, Put Your Warrior Boots On: Walking Jesus Strong Once and For All, and this is indeed, a good, good day.

We’ve anticipated this day, talked about it for what probably seems like years and years, and now it’s finally arrived.

Yes. It’s our book. And yes, you are a partial host of this party. I wrote the book. But your burdens and concerns authored every page. I’ve been listening closely. And I’ve taken our cares to God and typed like mad all the things He’s shown me to help us all become Jesus Strong from this point on.

So all there is to say now is: thank you, Jesus. Use this book to create strong warriors for You.

  • If you haven’t gotten your copy, I would love for you to do so today: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com, More
  • If you know someone who is walking around reactionary, afraid or living below their spiritual potential, I believe God will bless you as you bless them with a copy
  • If you feel the urgency right now to grab some girlfriends and rally together to get strong, I would love for you to do a group study

It was my honor to write this book. It is my joy to watch Jesus do with it what He wants. And now, let us party like crazy over some Jesus Strong warriors we are about to become!!

I love you like crazy, and I love Jesus most!

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