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Full disclosure moment: I am a skeptic and a hard sell.

It’s not necessarily my favorite thing to admit and a far less positive thing to be in life when it comes to well-intentioned people with good hearts that sometimes don’t get their fair shake from me. But when it comes to saving myself from a room full of unnecessary infomercial products the TV sucked me into buying one late night while flipping through channels, I’m your girl.

But when someone gives personal testimony about why they love something or believes in something or how something they bought or have in their home or on their bookshelf that they’ve read has in some way changed their life for the better, I’m listening.

The truth is, all of us love a first-hand witness.

I can tell you all day long to get your copy of Put Your Warrior Boots On: Walking Jesus Strong Once and For All. I believe in this message so strongly, and I hope by now you trust my heart for Jesus and my deep desire to help His kids. But I wrote the book. So, of course, I want you to get it.

So I thought you might want to hear firsthand from everyday friends who didn’t write the book but instead, read it – carpool moms, laundry doing, office working, college student, Jesus following – who were impacted by the words and in some specific ways. You can read many similar reviews at, but here are just a few…


“For years I have wrestled with fear, worry, and insecurity. As our teenage daughter went to high school, the fear ramped up as our eyes were opened to all that our kids are dealing with on a daily basis. My desire to walk out a faith and strong identity in front of our girls led me to this book.

The declarations in this book have challenged me, stretched me, and given words and actions to what I had been feeling. This book is an easy read, as you will not want to put it down when you start. The only problem I’ve had is not highlighting everything on every page. If you have ever struggled with fear, worry, or insecurity, I can’t recommend this book enough.” – Jennifer


“From the moment I started reading this book, I was captivated by Lisa’s words on each and every page! In all honesty, I don’t remember the last time I read a book that spoke such realness. I have marked, underlined and dog-eared more pages than I can count and have reread multiple parts because these God-breathed words are so powerful and convicting.” – Jess


“When I read Lisa Whittle’s I Want God, I thought it couldn’t get any better. But then I began to read Put Your Warrior Boots On and I must say, this book has wrecked me in all the best ways. This book comes with an urgent and timely message. Lisa has a special way of speaking right to your heart but also delivering truth (even when it hurts to hear). It is high time we rise up for the Kingdom of God and stop being so fearful of things. I also love that the book already comes with a study guide built into its pages. If you lead a small group or just want to use it for personal study, the question and reflection activities are very useful.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Pick up this book. It’ll change you. It’ll move you. It’ll inspire you to warrior up. Walking Jesus strong couldn’t come at a better time.” – Amanda


“‘Keep your mind clear. Raise your standards. Don’t leave your post. These are the heart understandings of a warrior boots believer, the ways in which we will become strong.’ Lisa’s book is a refreshing, pointed, and truth-filled call to strap on our warrior boots and live the kind of life God has called us to – one of abundance, not mediocrity. Her words challenge while her stories comfort and free us from the expectation that to walk Jesus strong requires bravery (spoiler alert: it doesn’t). With discussion questions, small group guides, and journaling space built in, this is an amazing book for your summer book club or Bible study – no extra books, studies, or resources required!” – Crystal

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