Put Your Warrior Boots On – Now Available!

You Can Be a Spiritual Warrior

Does it feel like the world has gone crazy and you’re just along for the ride?

From bombings to bullying, the world has us on pins and needles—afraid for our children, fearful for ourselves, worried that we won’t have enough strength to stand our ground.

But you don’t have to start brave to stay strong.

Inspirational author and speaker Lisa Whittle wants you to experience the joy and release of trusting in your Savior to help you live a God-ignited life. Find the tools you need to…

  • Confirm truth and keep anti-biblical messages from misleading you
  • Develop passion for defending your beliefs without letting personal pride interfere
  • Outfit your days to support your faith so your dedication doesn’t fizzle

There’s no better time than this moment to put on your warrior boots and discover the fearless life you’ve been called to live.

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I Will Walk Jesus Strong

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“I read all of Lisa’s books. I trust and love her heart, passion and motivation to know God and make Him known. There is so much to be gained from reading Put Your Warrior Boots On…what was most valuable to me during this season in my life is this…I’m not alone. I’m not the only Believer struggling with fear and all sorts of other things Jesus lover’s are not supposed to struggle with. What encouragement Lisa extends to us through her un-sugar coated call to fearless living. I’m so thankful that these words have landed in my heart for such a time as this! Lord, make me a fearless warrior for Your Kingdom!”

Jill Kelly

New York Times Best Selling Author of Without A Word and Kelly Tough

“Lisa has the voice of a prophet, speaking truth and wisdom in a compassionate and practical style. I could sit under her teaching all day. The truth and grace-filled relevancy is a message every Christian will be hungry to hear. If you feel stuck and frustrated by the world around you and want someone to pour some faith into your soul, this is the book for you! I couldn’t put it down and I’m betting you won’t be able to either.”

Sharie King

Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Clayton King Ministries

There are moments in everyone’s life when fear wins over faith, circumstances cripple hope and defeat feels inevitable. Lisa is the kind of friend who not only helps you get back up after defeat, she helps you strap on your armor and willingly goes into to battle with you. Put Your Warrior Boots On is a guide to living battle ready and walking victoriously in the knowledge of a Mighty God who has already won the battle!”
Trisha Davis

Co-founder RefineUs Ministries; Church Planter - Hope City Church; Author of “Beyond Ordinary When A Good Marriage Isn’t Good Enough”

Lisa Whittle is a woman running hard after God, and in Put Your Warrior Boots On, she invites us to run alongside her. Lisa challenges readers to reject passive faith and to jump into the ground-pounding race of seeking after Jesus. This book is a rallying cry to be who we say we are, amidst a watching world, and we need this message now as much as ever.”
Sharon Miller

Author of Free of Me and blogger at SheWorships.com

“If you find yourself tied up in knots of fear, anxiety and worry, then Put Your Warrior Boots On is the book for you! Not because Lisa Whittle has all the answers, although she is wise beyond her years, but because she leads you page-by-page to the One who IS the answer. Fair warning: don’t buy this book expecting a soul spa that presents you with comfortable, feel-good, simple spiritual suggestions. Buy this book prepared for a challenging, gritty soul-deep boot camp that will help the worry-torn become warriors. Ultimately, this step-by-step, Bible-soaked book will lead you to the courage and peace you’ve been longing for.”

Gwen Smith

Cofounder of Girlfriends in God, Speaker, Worship Leader, Author of I Want It ALL and Broken Into Beautiful

“When my wife began reading this book, she was so enthralled that she literally sat down and read huge excerpts to me out loud. She would stop every few sentences and say, “I can’t believe how powerful this book is!” I completely agree.  As a man and a minister, I can say without hesitation that the words in these pages are inspired and anointed.  They motivated me, and I know they will do the same for you.”

Clayton King

Pastor at Newspring Church, Author and Evangelist

I feel like we’ve been duped into believing Christianity is about us and our comfort, and then, when trials come and fears multiply, we run for the hills, unsure and tattered. Lisa Whittle un-dupes us. In this beautifully wrought sermon disguised as a book, she reminds us all that following Jesus is about His greatness and our joyful surrender. I believe every Christ follower needs to read this book. “
Mary DeMuth

Author of Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy

As I consider the state of our families, communities, churches and world, I hear one message playing on repeat in my soul: ‘Get ready.’ Grateful for this book, Put Your Warrior Boots On. The Bridegroom is coming.”
Michele Cushatt

Author of I Am: A 60-Day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is

“Lisa’s voice is so needed. As a speaker, author, and friend she cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart. Insecurities, she shares hers and makes it okay to share yours. Love, she extends it and she loves you enough to tell you the truth that is hard to hear. Lisa is a person that I look to for wisdom and guidance in my own day-to-day life.”

Adam Weber

Pastor, Embrace Church; Author, Talking With God

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