I know we (especially we, the women) don’t like the strong words like fight sometimes because so many mean ones floating out around there right now and who needs more?

But strong and mean aren’t anywhere close to being the same – truth be told it takes a lot of strong not to join the mean…and strong to do most anything and everything right now, crazy as the world is, now doesn’t it?

Today is a good example.

I hear from someone who is about to step into a ditch – a mess of her own choosing all because the anger is getting the best of her and reaction is bossing her to death. And I text beg her as loving strong as I know how to please not let Satan win this moment. To please be onto him.

Because here’s the thing, and all of us that follow Jesus know it well: Satan wants to take us down and best yet if it’s by the hands of our own doing. Never more bitter are the tears of personal consequence, and many of us have cried so many at this point we’ve lost count.

We’ve got the giving into the temptation piece down. Same with the giving into the fear, the anxiety, the complacency, the terror-filled running away.

What we don’t have down is the rising up, the fighting back, the taking back of our life…the using of our recourse (James 4:7-8), the tapping into the Power (Jesus), the refusal to be a victim of reactionary living anymore.

We are believers who live like non-believers with prettier Sunday clothes.

I’m so done with all that. I’m tired of seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ suffer from paralyzing worry. I’m unwilling to watch us waste half our life not grabbing onto the victorious life that is already ours because some liar who has already been defeated keeps stopping us cold with powerless taunts and threats.

Friends, it is time to rise, to change the way we walk through this world, once and for all.

No more tomorrow I’ll do it…when my kids grow up I’ll do it…after I do this and that.


There’s never been a more crucial time to take back the life that is already yours through Jesus.

There’s nothing holding us back but the word no. So friends, instead LET’s GO.

I promise you this. If this is what you want: Put Your Warrior Boots On is the first place to start.

I love you, warriors in the making.

I love Jesus, most.

Always His,

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