I’ve written 6 books now, and in every book, I’ve hoped for someone to read it and get saved. To date, I’m not sure if that’s ever happened.


I asked Jesus into my heart when I was a young girl, and it was for real. I loved Him deep my whole life, though I had my fair share of running away. But I innately knew even then He was everything, and I always wanted people to know Him like I did.

When I was a teenager, my youth group took a trip to Canada, and there I had my first experiences with leading people to the Lord. It was a beautiful, holy experience, I’ll tell you, albeit a bit over the top. God bless my youth pastor who had to quietly take me aside to discourage my exuberant, “I got another one!” as I walked wide grinning with new converts towards our group across freshly mowed lawns of homes as we went door to door witnessing. Turns out, my Jesus passion translated a bit cultish. (Turns out, I was so excited I barely cared. :)

When I started writing 5 Word Prayers it was clear to me that this being a devotional book, some would give it to friends as a gift and those friends might not know Jesus. And if they didn’t know Jesus, they wouldn’t understand all the Christian words.

I mourn this, but sometimes as a writer sitting behind a screen spending so much time exhorting my own, I forgo opportunities to tell non-believers living all around me about Jesus. If I’m being completely honest, I think the Church in general is forgetting a lot about this Gospel call these days, self-focused as we are and afraid to speak anything with too much Jesus.

So I decided to do something in 5 Word Prayers I’ve never done before in any of my books: I included in the back the prayer of salvation. It is, by far, the most important prayer in this book. For 11 pages I thoroughly explain, define and lead the reader through a decision to follow Christ and then the next steps to take in the aftermath. I truly believe: they are the most important words I’ve ever written in my life.

I am asking Jesus that people will accept Him as their Savior through these words. I would love it if you would join me. My heart can barely contain the joy at the thought.

And because I believe so strongly in discipleship, my team has created a place online at fivewordprayers.com for those who do pray this prayer of salvation to click “Yes, I prayed the prayer” where they will be sent some links to free resources to help them grow in their newfound faith. (It tells them exactly where to go to find this online, in the book.)

I just want more people to give their heart to Jesus.

I’m believing through this book and your prayers, they will.

Lord, let it be.