Cue the confetti! Blow the horns! Our book, Put Your Warrior Boots On, is ALMOST HERE.

June 1, the book I have been laboring over and telling you about for months, will be available wherever books are sold.

And yes, I said it’s our book.

Because I may have authored the book, but we all wrote the words. Every conversation on Facebook I quietly overheard…every burden you shared with me in an email or at my book table at an event…every off the cuff Instagram comment of I needed that today you made that I filed in my heart…all went into my prayers and thoughts for the why behind this book. Jesus knew we needed a better plan for our life than the one we’ve currently been living. He knew we needed to ditch the way of fearful reaction over everything we can’t control. He’s calling us to put our warrior boots on so we can walk Jesus Strong, once and for all…no matter what…and I trust and believe that in the wake of this book’s release, that is just what we are going to do.

It’s truly been a team effort, and it’s going to take a team effort, once again, to get the word out about our book!

I can talk about it, but if YOU talk about it with me, a lot more people will know. For that reason, I’m looking for 100 word spreaders and cheerleaders to be on my launch team.

Here are some of the questions (and their answers) I know you are asking:

What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of readers that will be assembled as a team online (via email and a private Facebook group). You are the word spreaders and cheerleaders for the book and will be given specific tasks that let you be the all important on-the-ground marketers, or street team, to help spread the word. 


What is Your Role?

  1. Sharing about the book on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat) or with your team, small group, book club, or organization.
  2. Sharing about the book on your blog (but having a blog isn’t a requirement).
  3. Posting a review on Amazon and once you’ve read the book would be super helpful and very important.
  4. Finding other creative ways to tell someone about the book and how it has impacted you!
  5. Stand on your street corner and read the book every day.
  6. Make t-shirts with a picture of the book on them and wear them to church, the grocery store, carpool, everywhere! (Okay, 5 & 6 might be going too far, but you get the picture: I would love for you to share about the book anyway that you can!)


What Do YOU Get Out of This?

Remember, it’s our book. So here’s what you will receive in return:

  1. An advanced copy of the book. (Yay! A real, live, hold in your hands to smell the pages book.)
  2. Advance information and access to the pre-order incentives (which are FIRE, by the way!)
  3. Access to a private Facebook group where all awesome launch team members will gather for updates, news and will undoubtedly make new friends.
  4. You + me = hanging out on the private FB page. I will pop in from time to time and see what you guys are sharing about, what parts of the book are speaking to you the most, and we will be scheduling at least one (maybe 2) Facebook live sessions where I will hang out with you all and answer questions, which if you know anything about me will likely be conducted in no makeup and in my ball cap, so please come casual.
  5. A behind-the-scenes look at marketing a book.


Are you ready to be on our book launch team? If so, click here to apply.

There are a limited number of spots, so apply now!

The application process will be open until 11:59 pm Central on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

I can’t wait to put this book in your hands, hear how God speaks to you through its pages, and work together to share it with a world desperate to know hope.

Love you. Love Jesus most.

Always His,