Quick Sidenote: I wrote this post before my friend, Michele Cushatt, wrote THIS ONE. After you read mine, take a few minutes and go read hers. Seriously. It won’t take long and it’s worth it.  Besides the beautiful writing, why I like it so much: A hard thing for good Christian people to say is that we don’t really want God. Michele said it. And I think that’s honest and more people need to admit this reality. Because that is where break-through and change can begin.

 “Needing without wanting is just a really good idea that never sees light.” ~I Want God

We sit with our small group, scattered on couches in our living room.  One couple opens up.  “We need you to pray for our son,” says the man.

We talk through the why, and it’s obvious: the parents are hurting, longing for their young adult son things he does not currently long for himself.

I ask the dad, out right. “What is your biggest prayer for your son, friend?”

After seconds of silence, he answers back:

“I want him to desire God.”

I understand this hope for his child.  It’s the same hope/wish/prayer I have for mine.

The truth is, it’s the same hope/wish/prayer I have for the wide world of us.

It is why the book, I Want God.

Because I know: when we want God, it determines everything.

where we go and what we tolerate.

what we fight for and what breaks our heart.

things we choose for our future and things we choose today…our yes’s, our no’s, our decision making process.

We find the peace we are looking for, the spiritual growth and depth, the purpose and direction and strength to make it through things that we shouldn’t otherwise be able to endure.  We get over ourselves, which by the way, most of us really need to do.

And when we think it’s about something else – that we can know enough Bible and spiritually perform our way through life and become successful enough and control our universe enough to bring us the peace and completion of life we are looking for – we are wrong.

It’s a desire for God, that we need.  And not just a desire among the others, but the trump card: wanting Him more than anything else.

We need nothing more than this.


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