A Game-Changing Thanksgiving Prayer (and 2 FREE printables)

In a few days it will be Thanksgiving: a day to feast on the love of friends and family, with grace going up around dinner tables filled with food on their every square inch.

Evidence of the bounty. Proof that God is, indeed, the Good Giver, as if we need more proof than the air in our lungs.

But it’s just one day. One very special day, yes. But just a day.

We like to celebrate big things, but sometimes we are blind to the beauty of the everyday things God is doing.

Even when we can’t see it, He’s always doing something good.

Sometimes we feel entitled to the things He will do, like spoiled children who stomp and pout and insist instead of being grateful He asks us to join Him in His amazing story.

Sometimes we become calloused to the miracles…the things He has already done that we have so quickly brushed off as old news, when in fact, how could they ever be?

And yes, God is honored by the day we set aside to remember and be thankful and name the blessings.

But every day is a day to give thanks.

Every day is a day to remember.

Every day is a day to honor Him with our life that says God, more than anything else, I am grateful for You.

The truth is, your surrendered life is your best thank you note to God.


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! May these 2 FREE printables say a small thank you to you…for your input here…for grace when I don’t have much to say…for believing in community, even through computer screens and across miles.

I am grateful for you.

IMG_1328Thanksgiving Prayer 2

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