The #GiveGod7Days Challenge — Starts TODAY!

photoThere’s a reason why youth camp and grown up weekend retreats are so amazing, and it’s not because of the food or even the friends we gather with there.

It’s not because of the mountains or beaches or other serene locales in which they take place.

It’s because there we find concentrated effort: concentrated time with God, concentrated space to read His Word, soak it in, and pray. And in that space, God is near.

But as we sit, today, most of us can’t take a pause from our life. A mountain retreat would be nice. Even youth camp, with its bugs and rugged cabins has its life-reprieve appeal. But life marches on, and we must march with it.

We are stressed and stretched. The world is loud and we have a ton going on. We can’t take a break, even if we wanted to.

All the more reason we need more of God.

So I’ve decided to bring the retreat to our crazy, busy life in the form of the #GiveGod7Days Challenge. Not to give us something else to do, but because I believe that something amazing happens when despite our booked calendars, we give God our main focus.

To help us explode our passion for God.

To guide us into our own, personal soul revival.

And yes, we will keep living life while we are giving God 7 days. The clock won’t stop for this. We will still do laundry and bathe babies and go to work and make dinner. That’s why it is called a challenge. ☺

But we will say to God, I want You, by in the midst of all that, focusing harder on Him.

The #GiveGod7Days Challenge is basically this: giving God concentrated effort for 7 days, with specific guidelines and Scripture to help us in that process.

It is for you.

It is for your people – at home, in your neighborhood, your social media friends.

It is something we will do, individually, with God and yet, very much together.

And when we do, will revival break out in 7 days? It could.

Will God reveal things to us we previously did not know, give us that peace we have so desperately been seeking, become known to us in a new way? Yes, I believe so.

Will something happen inside your heart and mine in 7 days when we seek Him, focused and passionately? Absolutely, it will.

It’s not about going to the mountains and sitting under a tree at youth camp that in and of itself, changes our life. And it’s not that 7 days is a magic number.

It’s that anytime we give God concentrated effort, He shows up and draws near.

The truth is, friend: God may want to do something amazing around you – in your church, your home, with your family and friends — but first He wants to do something amazing in you.

The #GiveGod7Days Challenge is a great way to kick that off.

And if, at the end of your #GiveGod7Days you want to start over and do it all, again?

I say a hearty, go for it.

It’s time to give God our attention and focus.

I’m ready. Are you?

Let’s go all in.


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